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06 Oct 2016

Artificial intelligence and clever apps for better customer retention

novoinsight 2016: Annual conference of Hamburg-based software expert novomind shows how to make efficient use of chatbot technology and e-commerce apps

This year’s “novoinsight”, the annual conference organised by the software experts from novomind, was all about the online customer and their ever changing requirements. Held at the Curio House in in Hamburg on 29 September under the motto of “Treue – Loyalty”, the event attracted over 300 participants. The keynote address was presented by Nils Müller (TRENDONE), one of Germany’s leading trend researchers on the digital future.

The focus was placed on two much discussed topics of the future: artificial intelligence (AI) as chatbot technology and mobile shopping apps. “The use of artificial intelligence is part of our DNA, it is an integral element of the history of novomind,” said Peter Samuelsen, CEO and founder of novomind. The diverse experience of the past 15 years today gives novomind a great knowledge advantage when it comes to using chatbot technology in customer service and e-commerce.

Chatbots in customer service and e-commerce

novomind’s chatbot technology is being used in multiple channels by companies from various sectors, e.g. in FAQ centres of insurers, health insurance funds or financial institutions. The rapid advance of smartphones and the popularity of messengers have opened up new uses for chatbots, which is why a new novomind chatbot is now available on the WhatsApp channel: “Nomi” is the first real-time dialogue partner to answer online customers’ questions, thus supporting efficient customer retention. And Nomi already has a lot of experience – as one of the very first avatars, it held intelligent dialogues with customers as early as during the 2000s.  

Standardisation and full integration into the e-commerce shop back-office are playing an increasingly important role. At the novoinsight conference, novomind therefore presented its new novomind iSHOP app, which makes a lot of things easier also while away from home: the new, fully integrated native app ideally complements the novomind iSHOP system and optimally mirrors the customer journey: synchronised shopping lists, shopping carts and product categories between the app and the desktop become standard features. The novomind iSHOP app always reflects the latest state of Apple iOS and Google Android. novomind iSHOP customers automatically receive updates.

“We are committed to developing the world’s most easy to-use software solutions in our sector,” said Peter Samuelsen. Nomi and the novomind iSHOP app are the two latest additions. They help novomind customers win and retain new customers themselves. “Customer loyalty is a big word and an exciting challenge in our ever faster online world,” Samuelsen added.

Besides these two topics of the future, the novomind conference presented numerous successful examples from the fields of e-commerce and customer service. Customers reported on their first experience with the novomind iSHOP app as well as on the “importance of analytics in e-commerce”. Practical examples, e.g. from freenet AG, Techniker Krankenkasse and Berliner Direktversicherung BD24, showed just how effectively the customer service modules of the central novomind iAGENT communication platform can be used.