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Efficient e-mail management for your contact center:

novomind iAGENT Mail

Standard and professional mail management for written customer communication


Do you want a highly professional, standard mail management system for your written customer communication (email, social media, texts, fax, letters) in your contact centre?

Our customer communication software novomind iAGENT Mail will optimally support your service team when processing customer enquiries. All incoming concerns – including in other languages – will be analysed, categorised and forwarded to the employee responsible with suitable answer suggestions and text modules. These automated processes will reduce processing times while raising answer quality and keeping it at a stable level independent of employees. With novomind iAGENT Mail every contact centre will be able to guarantee high service quality.


  • The same answer to the same question
    The heart of the application is the common knowledge base, which is available to all answer channels. It is administered and updated centrally. Any changes of supplements will be available immediately on all channels
  • Simple
    A simple user interface to keep training and processing times low
  • All channels
    novomind iAGENT Mail is part of the common agent interface and can be expanded by additional channels such as chat, video chat or call at any time. novomind iAGENT Help is available for automated dialogue on the website
  • Client capability
    novomind iAGENT Mail is client-capable and thus particularly suitable for use in modern multi-channel contact centres
  • Open
    Due to its open and modern architecture, novomind iAGENT is open to integrations and connections