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novomind iSHOP Storefront brings together the most important components for fast, successful digital commerce – and all ready to use out of the box.

novomind iSHOP Storefront

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novomind iSHOP Storefront is our standard front-end implementation that provides corporate customers with a comprehensive online shop front end from day one, either headless or as a fully-integrated variant. This turns novomind iSHOP into a comprehensive, fully functional e-commerce reference shop, including search tool, navigation, filtering, shopping cart, checkout, my account area and product and content displays.


novomind iSHOP Storefront is flexible in terms of adaptation to your company’s corporate design and can be quickly expanded to meet individual customer requirements. All the features from the novomind iSHOP back end are available on the front end. novomind iSHOP Storefront combines B2B and B2C on a single platform and is multisite-capable for different countries, languages and brands as a matter of course.

Wrapped up and rolled out in a flash: a B2B shop for the packaging industry  

Thanks to novomind iSHOP, novomind iPIM and novomind iAGENT, the Hamburg-based company successfully mastered its launch on the market. The new online shop for packaging and packaging products was launched in just three months and is considered a benchmark in the industry.
“It’s quite amazing how this online shop was created from virtually nothing within just three months. An incredible achievement on both sides!”

Dirk Limmer, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), packs GmbH

Packster Case Study

Our features & benefits

Headless or integrated

Why choose when you can have both? Integrated into the full-stack architecture or as a headless solution? The novomind iSHOP front end can do both. The customer decides which architecture suits them best.

Fully responsive design

Flawless design for all end devices - without any manual effort. The shopping experience has to be right, and this is especially relevant when it comes to automatic device recognition, to ensure that your online shop looks its best.

A short time to market

With the novomind iSHOP front end, your company is guaranteed to have a state-of-the-art e-shop online on the day you want it.

A large set of predefined teaser elements

A set of standard teasers is available for efficient content management - simple templates for things like the product carousel, image link teasers and service teasers, for example, and it is applicable for all types of pages.

Connection to leading payment providers

novomind iSHOP Storefront is connected out of the box to PayPal and Amazon Pay, as well as ADYEN and Computop. Other payment methods and providers can be integrated on an individual basis.

Login with registration and guest checkout

Customer have the complete order process available, including guest checkout and the classic My Account area, expanded with specific features for B2B customers. Order and customer data management can be mapped using the novomind iSHOP OMS module.

novomind iSHOP

Looking for an outstanding customer experience?

novomind iSHOP is the flexible, growing enterprise solution for simple, effective shop management from order volumes of a few hundred orders per day — both B2C and B2B. Thanks to the scalable architecture and high-performance SaaS operation in a private or hybrid cloud, even very large transaction volumes of over tens of thousands of orders per day are not a problem.

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