The most flexible all-in-one shop system on the market

Best of both worlds: novomind iSHOP is the future-proof enterprise solution for high-growth online shops and an outstanding customer experience – whether B2C or B2B. Companies significantly reduce their time to market in high-load omnichannel commerce with the largest out-of-the-box feature set. novomind iSHOP can be individually adapted and is ready to go for coupled, headless and composable architectures.
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B2B and B2C omnichannel commerce

Everything from a single source

novomind iSHOP is an innovative, modular, real-time shop system for growth-focused B2C and B2B omnichannel commerce. All digital commerce capabilities and modules are already on board: CMS, OMS, Search, Recommendation Engine, Promotion Engine and A/B Testing. Complex integration of third-party tools is not necessary.


Our highly committed and experienced novomind project teams and selected partners ensure the system works perfectly for you – software and service from a single source!

Coupled, headless and composable architectures

novomind iSHOP has complete frontend and management APIs (REST and GraphQL). The shop engine can be operated headless with external front ends and can also be fully or partially integrated into composable commerce architectures. Sound like a bit too much for you? It goes without saying that your company can also get the complete traditional online shop from us – fast, secure and GDPR-compliant, from a single source.

Fast to market, unlimited scalability

Ready to use in three months

novomind iSHOP is equipped with all digital commerce functions, has all the important shop management tools and is fully operational in just under three months. The extensive back office with its high degree of usability provides shop managers with optimal support as they go about their day-to-day work. Real-time commerce and multi-store capability in connection with the novomind iSHOP OMS (Order Management System) module make novomind iSHOP a genuine “all-in-one” shop system. From your own shop to your own marketplace: should your company grow, the software quickly adapts and can be used for a wide variety of scenarios. Scaling works: all queries can be processed efficiently even during peaks of traffic, on Black Friday for example.

Improving customer experience

Online shop operators want to see full shopping carts, but only those who offer their customers a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints along the customer journey will gain the long-term benefits from greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. novomind iSHOP creates the personalised shopping experience that the customers of today are looking for, thereby enabling companies to better engage with end customers.

Our features & benefits

Multi-client capability

With novomind iSHOP, several brands can be operated and managed in parallel with just one instance - and all this on a worldwide scale: it supports different countries, languages, currencies, stores and channels. Thanks to the integrated inheritance logic, content and settings that have been maintained once are transferred to the underlying tenants.

High performance

For the perfect shopping experience: in-memory technology enables live shop management and real-time commerce. Individual microservices and headless APIs ensure a flexible architecture in innovative headless and composable commerce scenarios.

A/B tests

novomind iSHOP also has the option of quickly and easily creating tests with different scenarios. All contents (parameters and content) are subject to data-based comparative testing and the best variant is determined.

Digital experience

With the integrated CMS, all content can be created without any programming knowledge. This can be managed for test scenarios, time-controlled or personalised.


In both B2C and B2B business, online retailers and manufacturers of branded goods offer their customers an outstanding customer experience with novomind iSHOP, thanks to real-time personalisation.

Search features

The integrated search function, with numerous extra features such as fuzzy search, synonyms, search exclusions and search reporting, has been optimally designed for digital commerce. Relevant products and content can be found faster.

Catalogue management

All shop pages (main navigation display, landing pages, etc.) can be easily created and managed. Dynamic (category) pages can be created based on predefined, project-specific conditions.

Promotion engine

The promotion engine can be used to directly store customer benefits based on vouchers or defined criteria and manage them on the shop. It is also possible for promotions to be applied for each item or when the customer reaches the shopping cart.


Go live within three months - thanks to the full responsive implementation, every project starts with a fully operational shop front end out of the box and can be implemented headless or as an integrated solution.

Web shops with wow factor

Higher performance? No problem! The most important modules at a glance

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novomind iSHOP Storefront

novomind iSHOP Storefront is an out-of-the-box front end. This software meets well-known usability standards for shop systems and all features are already connected. Customisable: with some small changes, you can launch the shop quickly.

novomind iSHOP OMS

novomind iSHOP OMS is the lightweight order management system. It can be used as a full system for managing orders and shipments, but also simply as a buffer between novomind iSHOP and your own backend systems, such as the ERP system. With novomind iSHOP OMS, customer data for login or the My Account area can be easily saved. The important features include multi-client capability, fine-grained rights and role management and data storage for B2B customers.

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novomind iSHOP PSS

Microservice for the transmission of prices, inventories and availability in real time. Customer-specific prices, purchasing lists and inventories in all warehouses and branches support B2B and omnichannel commerce.

novomind iSHOP View

Our image and zoom server for high-performance delivery of digital assets such as product images.

novomind iSHOP Recommendations

The engine automatically displays product suggestions based on product properties and customer interests, increasing their relevance and thus the conversion rate. Recommendation strategies can also be used with the help of BI data and our AI engine, for example for top sellers based on visual similarity.

novomind iSHOP Promotions

Discount campaigns and promotions can be easily applied at item level or in the shopping basket.

Individual microservices

Do you need our standard service customised to your needs? No problem! We can also operate your custom microservices in the Kubernetes cluster – even with our standard SLA!

Additional novomind digital commerce components

Now you can optimally support your customer’s journey with our unique digital commerce portfolio from a single source. End-to-end, from awareness to after-sales customer service.

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