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6. October 2022

novomind software products certified for GDSN-compliant product data reception

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by Daniela Köhler

Publications officer

novomind iPIM and novomind iSHOP support the exchange of standardised product information via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) / Hamburg-based software company is GS1 Solution Partner

Hamburg, 6 October 2022 – Hamburg-based software company novomind AG has been named “GS1 Solution Partner”, as the company’s novomind iPIM product information management system and the novomind iSHOP shop system support the reception of standardised product information via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). 30 data pools are linked via the GDSN, to which almost 25,000 companies worldwide are connected. The network is used for the global exchange of product data between manufacturers, retailers and suppliers according to defined GS1 standards. The validation rules of the GDSN, the target markets and the recipients are automatically taken into account. What is more, the data need to be entered and maintained in only one central data pool.

Weight, packaging size, contents, product descriptions and images – the correct transmission of product information in compliance with the legal requirements of the target markets is critical to smooth global trade processes. Companies in the food, healthcare and DIY sectors have to comply with particularly strict regulations for product descriptions, which may vary depending on the target market.

The certification of novomind iPIM and novomind iSHOP was carried out by atrify GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of GS1 Germany. The atrify data pool is one of the world’s largest GDSN data pools. It enables more than 20,000 trade and industrial users in over 50 countries to exchange accurate and reliable content with their business partners, service providers and consumers. Both novomind’s shop and PIM system successfully passed atrify’s certification process in various test scenarios in July 2022. This means that novomind’s systems can receive data according to the GS1 standard, respond to updates, request the retransmission of data, update data and integrate it automatically into the company’s own product information structure. If, for example, the dimensions of a product change, the recipient of the data is automatically informed about this change if they are connected to the data sender via the GDSN. Companies thus only need a single data record for all recipients, which can be transmitted to the shop system or other distribution channels via novomind iPIM.

“As certified GDSN-compliant software products, novomind iPIM and novomind iSHOP support the smooth global exchange of product information. Central product information maintenance allows companies to save time and reduce the susceptibility to errors due to incomplete or incorrect product data in international trade,” says Markus Rohmeyer, CPO of novomind. With novomind iPIM Supply, the Hamburg-based software specialist additionally offers an efficient onboarding module for the simple, automated and rapid import of millions of product data as well as their transformation, release and synchronisation.

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