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4. August 2022

Help for senior citizens on all channels: Singapore relies on novomind software for national ACES HelpLife Hotline

Customer Service
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by Daniela Köhler

Publications officer

novomind iAGENT omni-channel contact center system used in non-profit project in Asia / Real-time assistance via call, e-mail and WhatsApp

Hamburg / Singapore, 4th August 2022 – Providing quick and easy real-time support to senior citizens – this is the goal of the national ACES HelpLife Care Hotline launched in Singapore in June, using a software solution from Hamburg-based novomind AG. The novomind iAGENT omni-channel contact center system supports the non-profit service via phone, e-mail and WhatsApp.

The project was initiated by the ACES Care charity organization and Octopus8, novomind’s partner in Singapore. The hotline is designed to address the growing proportion of elderly people in the wake of demographic change. The support is primarily targeted at single, widowed and childless senior citizens. It is intended to provide straightforward assistance and protection against loneliness and social isolation. The project enjoys a high level of attention, which is not least reflected in the fact that the kick-off event was attended by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, was also present at the launch of the senior citizen help hotline (2nd from left).
Anyone who feels unwell, needs help with household chores or shopping, has trouble operating a technical device, is lonely or has another concern can reach trained volunteers on the Senior Help Hotline five days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for support, advice or an empathetic conversation. The novomind iAGENT customer service software ensures automatic call management from the novomind private cloud and is hosted in regional data centers. The system provides efficient call distribution, voice recording and many other practical features. It is very user-friendly, easy to operate and provides a clearly structured overview of all inquiries on all channels at a single glance. novomind iAGENT reduces the workload and documentation effort for the volunteers, leaving them more time for listening and consulting. This benefits the seniors that call the hotline for help.
For the ACES HelpLife Care Hotline, novomind has customized the tried-and-tested novomind iAGENT contact center software to the special requirements of the project. novomind’s omni-channel customer service and digital commerce software solutions are used successfully by many companies and institutions worldwide, especially in the enterprise segment. Since 2021, novomind APAC, a Singapore-based wholly owned subsidiary of novomind AG, has served as a regional port of call for customers from the Asia-Pacific region.
“With our software products and services, we always want to be close to our customers to find the best possible solution in a close exchange,” says Stefan Grieben, CEO of novomind. “We are particularly happy about novomind iAGENT being used by the ACES HelpLife Hotline. I am sure that this charitable and forward-looking project will serve as a role model beyond Singapore’s borders.”

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