Our IT service promise to companies

24/7 support with experienced experts: companies can concentrate fully on their core business knowing that our IT Service Operation team has their back. We reduce your administration time and costs to a minimum and offer comprehensive IT services for all our SaaS solutions and beyond.

Professional support

Professional support

We think about digital commerce and customer service in combination and offer medium-sized and large companies tailor-made software solutions from a single source, taking them to the next level:

Is your company looking for services which go above and beyond the standard?

  • Not only are we active as a host, but we also run the complete software architecture – from installation to front-end developments through to day-to-day tasks.
  • To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our team of experts is always on hand to support our customers where they need it, around the clock.
  • We champion fast reactions, proactive action, competence and full commitment.

It’s not a pipe dream

All services come from a single source

With us, responsibilities do not alternate between different service providers, they lie with central points of contact. Our experts have a sound understanding of the market across numerous industries and can comprehend the needs of your company more than other IT service providers: 


We know what workload contact centre software has to cope with when contact volumes are high. We plan for product data sets being processed on your digital commerce channels in the millions and we take into account that online shops must be available at top speed and at any time. What’s more, we have years’ worth of experience in providing the right IT infrastructure for private and hybrid cloud scenarios.

Our features & benefits

Customer focus

We conclude customer-oriented contracts (SLAs: Service Level Agreements) and thus offer tailor-made service solutions.

24/7 availability

Customer service is very important to us. That's why our experts are always on hand to help our customers.


GDPR-compliant SaaS solutions with globally recognised security standards: with our products, customers can get on with their work carefree.

Systems from a single source

When it comes to infrastructure and data storage, we deliberately go without third-party providers. We offer all systems directly from a single source at our novomind data centre in Frankfurt.

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What do our customers say?

“We used to have to make sure everything ran smoothly ourselves, Nowadays, the novomind operations team takes care of that.”

Michael Spang

Head of E-Commerce, Arnulf Betzold GmbH

Teaching the rest how it’s done: a webshop on the next level

For Betzold, a supplier of teaching and learning materials, novomind combines all e-commerce services into one cloud solution. 100,000 articles are on sale across three country-specific platforms as well as on a special web shop for the B2B segment.

“Since Betzold migrated to novomind iSHOP in 2016, online business has been increasing year on year.”

Michael Spang, Head of E-Commerce, Arnulf Betzold GmbH

Betzold Case Study

novomind Connected iProducts

More than the sum of its parts. Each of our novomind software products supports best-in-class digital commerce and customer service, but the interaction between several novomind Connected iProducts creates valuable additional benefits. For more efficiency, a faster time to market, higher conversion rate and flawless customer experience.

novomind iPIM

The comprehensive (and modular) PIM system for digital product experience management (PXM) and product-related master data management (MDM).

novomind iSHOP

The innovative, modular real-time shop system for growth-oriented B2C and B2B omnichannel commerce.

novomind iMARKET

The highly-automated, modular marketplace middleware for strategic marketplace trading.

novomind iAGENT

The intelligent contact centre software for optimal omnichannel management – from chatbots to email management, video chat and social media communication.

Let’s get in touch

Do you have some questions? Or are you interested in our company and services? The novomind team is always on hand to help – via the channel of your choice.
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