Supply chain digitalisation

The consumer goods industry is planning on growing investments in e-commerce – in offers and services which are becoming increasingly personalised, as well as in new technology. Top priorities include consistent and coordinated product experiences, such as simple transaction processing, regardless of the sales channel.
Flexible, scalable and innovative

The digital commerce of tomorrow

The consumer goods industry is constantly evolving with models such as the omnichannel approach, hybrid working models or click & collect. Manufacturers and retailers alike face the constant challenge of meeting new needs in terms of alternative products, pack sizes and delivery methods.

The consumer decides

Nowadays, shops for consumer goods have to be quick, dynamic and connected. The only constant in the industry is that the wishes of the consumer have to be met. Their requirements are increasing and they don’t want to waste time having to search for the right product for them – consistent product experiences are a mark of an all-round customer-friendly shop.

Did you know?

  • In 2021, interest in direct-to-consumer (D2C) declined or shifted back to a mix of in-store and online/e-commerce, forcing many CPG brands to rethink the cost of handling small volumes to meet D2C demands.
  • Investment in e-commerce increased as CPG brands continued to seek new channels to drive volume.

Source: 5 Trends in Retail and Consumer Goods 2022 – The Consumer Goods Forum

novomind Connected iProducts

Striving for an exceptional customer experience with heart and soul

Seamless omnichannel commerce

Flexible access to online information on the go, spontaneous browsing on the app, easy chatting with the service centre and ordering on the app to pick up in store – that’s how customers of today want to shop. The seamless commerce mega trend has long since become a reality.

An integrated system

The novomind platform integrates a shop system, PIM system and marketplace connection, as well as centralised customer service software. Flexible, fast and intelligent – novomind’s omnichannel commerce ensures an exceptional customer experience, resulting in continuous growth for your company’s online business.

High performance – even under high loads

novomind architecture and technology is designed for high-load scenarios with a large number of products and very high order volumes. This means that the output can be scaled at any time and your company is has the optimal equipment for growing order volumes, more products and higher traffic.

How we overcome the challenges of the consumer goods industry

Omnichannel fulfilment

Seamless integration of all novomind products guarantees intelligent, innovative omnichannel solutions from a single source.

Headless APIs

Front-end and management APIs in REST and GraphQL - ready for headless and composable commerce.

AI in retail and CPG

All novomind Connected iProducts are regularly enhanced with the latest AI components.

New product and delivery variants

Content specific to the customer segment is a key factor for increasing relevant conversion rates. Click & Collect, Click & Reserve and Ship from Store can be mapped in novomind iSHOP.


In accordance with the Food Information to Consumers Regulation, it is guaranteed that information on food ingredients is efficiently collected, validated and maintained across channels at all times.

Regulatory compliance

Whether safety data sheets, hazardous substances or food ingredients: novomind digital commerce products can be intelligently managed across channels to ensure that the product information as per legislation is distributed consistently.

novomind iPIM and iSHOP: best case

Wine merchant Vinos opts for novomind software products

Everything from a single source: the multi award-winning Spanish specialist retailer has chosen to put their faith in the shop architecture of novomind iSHOP and the consistent product data provided by novomind iPIM in order to expand their digital commerce division.

novomind Connected iProducts

More than the sum of its parts. Each of our novomind software products supports best-in-class digital commerce and customer service, but the interaction between several novomind Connected iProducts creates valuable additional benefits. For more efficiency, a faster time to market, higher conversion rate and flawless customer experience.

novomind iPIM

The comprehensive (and modular) PIM system for digital product experience management (PXM) and product-related master data management (MDM).

novomind iSHOP

The innovative, modular real-time shop system for growth-oriented B2C and B2B omnichannel commerce.

novomind iMARKET

The highly-automated, modular marketplace middleware for strategic marketplace trading.

novomind iAGENT

The intelligent contact centre software for optimal omnichannel management – from chatbots to email management, video chat and social media communication.

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