Price matters, but it’s service that makes the difference

Accessibility, a range of channels, consistency of response – personal customer service and digital networking are crucial competitive advantages for energy companies.
It’s about more than just price

Digitalisation design is key

From highly-competitive to cut-throat – comparison sites and the increased willingness of end customers to switch supplier makes for a difficult market for electricity providers. Successful energy companies, local electricity providers and public utilities have long since known: a fair electricity price alone is no longer sufficient for creating sustainable profits. Excellent customer service that’s also cost-effective is becoming increasingly important. Accessibility, a variety of channels and consistency of response – the end customers of today have higher demands. Targeted digitalisation, a prolonged customer lifecycle and the related lasting customer loyalty are becoming key factors for energy providers’ long-term success.

Did you know?

What good customer service means for German electricity customers:

  • almost half of electricity customers in Germany understand good customer service to mean digital self-service. This refers to online services where the customer can manage data and services themselves, such as their contract period, cancellation, tariff changes and payment collection date.
  • Around 41% of all electricity customers would like flexibility from their energy supplier when it comes to back billing.

Source: GoCardless survey of 1010 electricity customers in Germany together with YouGov, early 2021

Focus on customer service

All channels of communication to a professional standard thanks to novomind iAGENT

novomind iAGENT is the perfect platform to make public utilities and other energy supply companies more efficient when it comes to customer service. It also enables them to offer all channels of communication to a professional standard. Customer queries are processed on a central platform which provides transparency, is cost-effective and meets consistently high quality standards. novomind iAGENT has also proven to be supremely user-friendly for employees and supervisors, and this satisfaction is also passed on to customers. But the benefits of novomind iAGENT don’t stop there: existing systems can be cost-effectively integrated through an app concept.

How novomind iAGENT provides optimal support for energy companies

Low costs

With novomind iAGENT, the average call processing time decreases, while service agents are able to provide more valuable information, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

An effective platform

novomind iAGENT combines an array of different options and can cost-effectively map touchpoints, such as WhatsApp, chat, telephone, chatbot and email, in one application.

Fast communication

WhatsApp is the perfect channel for sharing meter readings or dealing with questions about tariffs.

Intelligent automation

Issues surrounding peaks due to year-end statements or tariff adjustments can be solved using AI via WhatsApp, email or telephone, with smart automation and without any additional staff. Chatbots can give direct, definitive answers to simple questions on WhatsApp or via the homepage.

Intelligent upselling

As data from ERP or CRM systems can be accessed in novomind iAGENT, public utilities and other energy supply companies know which customers want to get in touch due to existing contracts and also which products existing customers are using.

Cross-selling potential

It’s not only electricity customers who can benefit from the advantages of novomind iAGENT. Our software can also be used for other public utility services, such as gas or water.

Get everything you need out of one contact centre solution

The Dortmund-based energy and water supply company DEW21 uses novomind iAGENT to pool all their channels of communication and even optimise their personal customer service on site.
“novomind iAGENT is intuitive to use and has proven to be extremely adaptable. This has allowed us to make the software into a personalised all-in-one solution.”
Robert Tigges, Central Complaints Coordinator, DEW21
DEW21 Case Study

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