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Bad customer service? Outdated technology and insufficient transparency of customer information pose the primary challenges for operators in large contact centres.
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Contact centre solutions

The end customer decides

Contact centres in leading companies across the globe are faced with major technical challenges when it comes to merging the traditional voice channel with new digital ones. Nowadays, end customers decide which channel of communication they’d prefer to use to contact a company. They often even switch channels within a single process, such as from telephone to WhatsApp or from chat to email. If there’s no central reporting, routing or central administration, this leads to customer service as a whole being poorly managed, with ineffective results and high costs.

Did you know?

  • More than 50% of contact centre service agents mess up when dealing with customer calls.
  • Almost 40% regularly don’t understand what their customers are saying to them because they’re distracted.

Source: Savanta

Interfaces, connectivity and AI

Making things easier for agents

Good agents are few and far between. They should be able to give their full attention to the customer when doing important work, and contact centre work is becoming increasingly important for a successful customer journey.


This also puts strain on agents. Inaccurate information, long response times and a lack of know-how are the biggest pain points among employees in contact centres around the world. Having all the information about a customer on one screen? That often remains a pipe dream.

Companies are therefore intensifying their search for solutions which span all channels. In addition to interfaces for individual connection to the in-house CRM system, this also includes integrated AI. This, in the form of chatbots for example, takes some of the workload off agents and helps to analyse the new and improved customer experience.

novomind iAGENT

The solution for managing complete customer communication

novomind iAGENT provides central coverage for all your contact centre communication, across all channels and locations, and distributes it to agents. Automated suggested responses and uniform boilerplate text significantly reduce average processing times (AHT).


Thanks to skill-based routing, tickets are routed directly to specially trained teams. Central reporting spanning all channels makes it easier to precisely evaluate the work performed on specific channels. With extensive interfaces which are publicly documented (Public API/REST API), programme extensions can also be developed by third-party providers, integrated into the system and updated at runtime.


The central omnichannel platform novomind iAGENT brings all digital touchpoints together, gains important customer insights and maps the entire customer journey with uniform, comprehensive contact history. Getting hold of your contact centre will be as easy as getting in touch with a good friend.

Our features & benefits

VOICE ACD, voice portal

The voice portal pre-qualifies calls whilst the automatic call distribution function (ACD) is a helping hand for customer service.

Seamless integration

Quick access to all channels and all relevant data (integration of MS Teams, content, management , CRM, knowledge databases).

Live chat/video chat

Questions can be answered quickly and in real time, by a real person — all with just a single click.

Social media

The most common social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are already integrated.


The most important messenger channels such as WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, WeChat or Line can be easily integrated.

Intuitive dashboards and centralised routing

We automatically record the caller's query and offer custom, skill-based routing with intelligent overflows.

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