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Intelligent software since 2000.

We are novomind – with hanseatic roots in Hamburg and technology in use worldwide. We develop intelligent commerce and customer service software solutions and belong to the European technology leaders in our business field. We support more than 220 companies in Europe and Asia with over 300 employees. And when doing so, our customers’ targets are our agenda. Our areas of activity are online retail and electronic customer communication. The service spectrum is as broad as it is specialised: from individual customer e-business solutions and e-commerce products such as online shops, PIM (Product Information Management) and marketplace integration, up to tailored solutions for contact and service centres. In use everywhere. Artificial intelligence (AI) – developing AI technology is in our DNA and is part of the founding story of novomind. We’re passionate about this – clever and efficient combinations of creative developer spirit and artificial intelligence.


novomind AG is an owner-managed IT company run by founder Peter Samuelsen (CEO) and his board colleagues Stan Carstensen (COO - Professional Services), Stefan Grieben (CTO - Research & Development), Thomas Köhler (COO - Global Delivery), Mark Moeken (CFO - Finance & Legal) and Markus Rohmeyer (CPO - Product Management und CMO - Sales & Marketing).

What drives us


What began in 1991 with the invention of the internet is now commonly called the “digitalisation of society” or “digital transformation”. What’s behind this is a change as rapid as it is radical – in habits, processes, business models and the manner in which people and companies deal with each other. We have been meeting this challenge since the company was founded in 2000.

What we believe

Digital interfaces to customers are an essential driver of modern companies’ value creation. We recognise this in the continuously increasing enquiries and orders from our customers via service centres and e-commerce systems. Lifestyle habits are being revolutionised. People’s changing communication behaviour is just one indicator of this. In order to keep close to their customers, companies and institutions also have to be flexible.

What we work on

With our software technologies, we enable our customers to continuously increase the number of digital customer relationships across all channels and strengthen the value of these customer relationships.

Our Partner NuWare

NuWare is Novomind’s US system integration partner. NuWare enables digital transformation of businesses through custom development, cloud, digital strategy, platform configuration / integration / deployment services, data management and analytics. A leader in technology services, consulting and digital transformation, NuWare is built on its 25 years of deep industry expertise in Retail / e-commerce, Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

This is novomind

Experience intelligent software solutions for commerce and customer service from novomind.

Your contact for

the US Market

Karina Sorega-Unberath
Partner Manager

novomind AG
Phone + 49 40808071 297


Scott DeMarzio
SVP-Client Implementation

NuWare Tech Corp
Phone + 1 609.439.3097


Notable customers

We work for many notable customers with our products and services and focus on their needs. Every project is set up individually and can largely be implemented independently, with plenty of free space for team decisions. Always in close coordination with the customer – and with the help of modern and agile approaches.


Smart apps for your novomind software solutions

Welcome to the novomind App Store! Here you will find a selection of smart apps and extensions for your novomind commerce or customer service solutions. Enhance our novomind products with dedicated solutions that can be installed quickly and easily during runtime.

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