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novomind iPIM: Enterprise PIM-system for multichannel commerce


novomind iPIM is the central reference source and hub for all sales-oriented product data components for a client company – from all data sources, for all channels, in all languages.

Product information in excellent HD data quality which is

  • well organised
  • structured in a media-friendly way
  • redundancy-free

is the guarantee for the success of your company. With the backing of our standard enterprise solution novomind iPIM, you can integrate your individual workflow requirements for product data preparation, helping you to streamline your product data production processes.

novomind iPIM workflow for multichannel commerce

The workflow is typically divided into important steps, starting with importing data from various data sources such as SAP-ERP, from external content suppliers, or from our supplier portal, to which your suppliers can upload the external content data themselves. After the source data has been imported automatically, it is subjected to further processing. This is either rule-based, fully automated or carried out by editors. In the final stage, all commercial and technical product information is exported to all distribution channels, such as an e-shop (also mobile, tablet), POS, and print production facilities. 

novomind iPIM workflow for multichannel commerce
novomind iPIM provides for the channel-specific preparation of product information needed to create successful multichannel commerce. For example, information intended for mobile commerce is generally abbreviated.

Higher revenues in e-commerce

Today, high-quality product information is a vital success factor in e-commerce, as better product presentation increases the conversion rate and reduces the returned item rate. Also, other elements such as search engine optimised product texts or customer reviews are now fundamental to successful e-commerce and are increasingly being managed centrally in the PIM system. With novomind iPIM, you will be equipped for this. 

What is HD product information? The source of the truth!

novomind iPIM pursues the aim of “HD product information”. This means the provision of high-quality information about technical product features, editorial texts and their multi-media forms of presentation, ensuring a positive shopping experience for online shoppers.

novomind brings the concept of a central product database as the “a source of truth” for all sales channels in multichannel commerce to life. This is how we ensure professional product information management.

Our expertise: More than 15 years of product information management

Individual projects with well-known media business enterprises in Germany as well as Europe’s leading mail order companies have enabled us to gain extensive know-how about the central issues surrounding product information as well as its structuring and content. Our product information management solutions focus on fashion and media items, books, consumer electronics as well as consumer goods across all product ranges.

We have bundled all the experience gained from these projects into the novomind iPIM standard enterprise PIM system. novomind’s PIM system supports multiple clients. This means that brand manufacturers as well as mail order companies can supply their sales channels and customers with HD product data efficiently and without redundancies.

Seamless integration into other e-commerce software solutions

novomind AG’s clear focus on the commerce sector is reflected in the integration of novomind iPIM with the innovative novomind shop solution iSHOP and other e-commerce platforms. novomind IPIM has a standard interface to IBM WebSphere Commerce (WCS) and is recommended worldwide as a certified PIM system for omni-leading commerce platform. Furthermore, novomind iPIM integrates perfectly with our imaging and zoom server software solution novomind iVIEW as well as novomind iMARKET, our solution in the area of market linkage.



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