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E-shop content management: out-of-the-box with the novomind iSHOP CMS


The novomind iSHOP back office offers the shop manager an integrated CMS tooling which is intuitive to use. All classic static content can be maintained clearly, customer specifically and quickly: from the product presentation and individual page development to placement of individual teasers.

This means that all content can be produced in advance and activated fully automatically at the required time. Here novomind iSHOP seamlessly integrates all functions which are important for successful e-commerce: A/B testing, business rules, configuration of the shop navigation, SEO/SEM, promotion and recommendation engine as well as teaser control.

Shop managers have full content control at all times and can implement spontaneous decisions “just in time“ – without the involvement of IT. An exact, time controlled to the second site production also secures the fully automated activation of promotions and campaigns – without any staging risk.

A/B testing possible at all times in all areas and without programming

novomind iSHOP enables shop managers to add A/B (or more) variants to complete pages in the shop website – without the help of IT or programmers. He decides what the variants look like and whether individual pages or the complete layout should be changed. The configuration occurs entirely in the novomind iSHOP back office.

As an e-commerce platform, novomind iSHOP supports the success based testing of alternative variants whether in depiction or business logic. Hereby all standard technologies which the e-shop system offers can be used.

If, for example, you want to establish which banner variant appeals more to users, the different variants can simply be controlled by the back office. Each second visitor will then be shown variant B and all others see variant A. In this way novomind iSHOP can automatically decide which variant should be shown in the future.

Business rules – allow the e-shop to take care of itself

The definition of individual business rules occurs by means of a novomind iSHOP specific script language in a high performance rule engine. The rules stored here are evaluated for the run time and may be changed at any time, the changes are effective immediately. This creates an automated, intelligently regulated e-commerce platform.

SEO & SEM for best placement with Google

novomind iSHOP supports all the current SEO & SEM requirements of a dynamic website.

Price search machines and cooperation partners require current product data in target system specific data formats. Individual formats can be defined via the back office of our e-commerce solution. Out-of-the-box,  the novomind iSHOP offers, for example, the following formats:


  • Affilinet
  • Cliplister
  • Leguide
  • Pangora
  • Webgains
  • Zanox
  • tradedoubler

Affiliate tracking:
  • tradedoubler
  • Webgains
  • Zanox
  • Affilinet
  • etracker
  • Google conversion tracking

Speaking URLs
A novomind iSHOP URL can be individually structured. Hereby all the requirements such as flat hierarchies, short URLs and the use of ranking relevant terms can be optimally supported by static configuration as well as dynamic URL re-writing.

Deep links / landing pages
Each page of the novomind iSHOP may be addressed and viewed via the corresponding URL directly from an external site such as a search machine or affiliate. Hereby the landing pages are fully controlled by the e-shop system and all dynamic novomind iSHOP functions can thereby be used. In this way generic landing pages can be created through the evaluation of the referring URL.

Site map
With the available categories and products, novomind iSHOP automatically creates a continuously up-to-date Google site map. Search machine crawlers can, therefore, index the site easily and securely.

ALT tags for product images
With the use of detailed ALT tags for product images these are taken into consideration accordingly in the search machine ranking. Parallel to this, by maintaining these tabs, it is possible to reach further users via the image search function of the search machines.

The novomind iSHOP back office offers the possibility to individually maintain special SEO content such as tags, HTML titles or meta descriptions – manually or via automatic options of SEO optimisation. With every novomind iSHOP release, these functions are adapted to the current changes.

Area and teaser management

To guarantee the easy maintenance and management of teaser / banner areas, the  novomind iSHOP has a so-called grid manager.

A grid area represents an area to be managed in which products, advertising media and editorial content can be positioned time controlled. The grids can be freely configured and stored as templates. In the live environment, shop managers can then make editorial changes or plan changes for the future. This enables a response to seasonal adjustments at any time.

The grid areas are managed type and time controlled. The following functions can be controlled:
  • Compose banner
  • Upload background image
  • Position product on background image
  • Change A/B test parameters
  • Time control (online from/to)
  • Immediately online/offline
  • Go offline after xx visits
  • Change linking
  • (Teaser / banner area management with time control)
Besides more than 70 pre-defined teaser types, further customer specific ones may also be developed and used in the realisation project. No technical expertise (e.g. HTML) is required for application which means shop managers can manage their shops without the involvement of IT.



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