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B2B e-commerce system from the private cloud


With the novomind iSHOP B2B software as a service solution from the private cloud we offer Enterprise B2B e-commerce features out-of-the-box. The novomind iSHOP QuickStart Store with a responsive B2B e-shop out-of-the-box guarantees a fast introduction for desktops, tablets and mobiles. We take care of the operation and updates which means you can focus fully on your business.

Desktop, mobile and responsive design: optimised for B2B customers

B2B e-commerce requirements are increasingly oriented to B2C e-shops. It must be ensured that the shop is optimally displayed on all end devices – particularly tablets and smartphones are playing an increasingly important role.

Being able to quickly find products and smooth transaction handling are key in B2B e-commerce. With its integrated search and after search navigation, novomind iSHOP is optimally positioned for this.

E-shop integration in ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics

The complete integration in the system landscape is a key requirement for modern B2B e-commerce. novomind iSHOP offers a complete incorporation in all current ERP systems such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics virtually out-of-the-box. Shopping baskets can be calculated directly in the ERP system, orders simulated and placed at all times. For this our consulting partners can prepare your ERP system configuration ready for online retail and offer advice in licence questions. We can, of course, also integrate individual ERP systems.

Customised prices, roles and rights for B2B e-commerce business

In B2B e-commerce there are many customer specific conditions e.g. prices and product ranges. Particularly elementary are the customer specific prices. The novomind iSHOP is able to display these extremely performantly with its In Memory Computing Technology. Different packaging sizes, scaled prices, individual roles and rights and individual approval processes can also be implemented.

B2B and Google

Some B2B e-shops are only visible for certain customer groups and novomind iSHOP is also able to support this out-of-the-box. Products may also be made public – with or without price or only a RRP. Linkage to the e-shops of your retailers is possible which allows you to announce online promotions to your customers even without operating B2C sales. This means not only you but also your retailers benefit from the concept.

White label e-shop platform

With novomind iSHOP, white label e-shop platforms may also be realised on the basis of its Six Multi technology with which you can offer an e-shop platform for your retailers and even develop a joint online network with them. This is also ideal for associated groups who require a central e-shop platform.

The main benefits of the novomind iSHOP white label e-shop platform: easy and fast roll outs which bring new partners and retailers quickly to the market as well as low cost structures through the use of an individual software core.



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