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Omni-channel e-commerce with novomind iSHOP: multi sites with the Six Multi technology


To support your successful omni-channel position as an online retailer, novomind iSHOP is based on our in-house developed Six Multi technology. As currently the only e-shop system, novomind iSHOP, therefore, offers an e-commerce platform in six dimensions:

The dimensions are fully independent and, therefore, guarantee the exceptional flexibility of novomind iSHOP. Your individual e-shop develops out of the intelligent interplay of the dimensions and offers you everything you need for efficient and successful omni-channel e-commerce: multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-country, multi-currency and multi-lingual capability and the possibility to incorporate stationary outlets for more multi-channel power.

Channel – multi-channel capability for cross-device commerce

From the PC to the tablet: due to the increasingly mobile surfing and buying habits of consumers it is becoming more and more important for e-shop operators to offer a channel for mobile commerce. From a channel for a responsive webshop for mobiles, tablets and desktops to an extra channel for mobile apps – everything is possible.

All sales channels may be connected via the novomind iSHOP. Alongside channels such as web and mobile, our e-commerce system also supports pioneering channels such as smart TV. As all channels operate on one and the same software entity, we speak of “Cross-Device Commerce”. Hereby the shopping basket is the same for all devices!

Brand – multi-brand capability creates the right brand awareness

novomind iSHOP offers the opportunity to realise different brand identities with their own e-shops, specific corporate design, shop layout and individual business rules. With a separate brand identity, each brand will receive the individual attention which it deserves.

All brand shops operate on the same platform but may be controlled individually. In this way, individual brand identities may be designed and maintained target group specifically and it is possible to respond to changes in the market environment quickly and flexibly. This also applies to individual brands and their product segments.

Store – multi-channel power with the incorporation of stationary outlets

With the “Store” dimension, stationary outlets can also be incorporated in the e-shop. Besides the presence of the stores this also enables the marketing of offers in the respective regions and an “In store collection” option. This dimension may also be customised.

Country – multi-country capability for international e-commerce roll out

The “Country”, “Currency” and “Language” dimensions all support internationalisation. “Country” allows you to quickly set up separate e-shops in each country. Also here, the individual e-shops may be individually designed and supported although they all operate on the same software entity. The various pages are set with country specific parameters already in advance. In this way it is possible to spontaneously adapt and respond to cultural specifics at any time.

Currency – multi-currency capability for greater payment enjoyment

For the multi-currency capability of your e-shop, novomind iSHOP offers unique flexibility in that it can provide country, currency and language fully independently of one another – no other out-of-the-box shop system currently offers this!

Language – multi-lingual capability to ensure that everyone feels that they are being addressed

A further important factor for internationalisation is the “Language” dimension. The biggest challenge in realising an international e-shop lies particularly in the development of the country specific user interface. novomind iSHOP simplifies also this process as many of the individual functions can be separated according to logic and display view and, with this, offers all possibilities.

All static texts such as field identifiers, notes and menu texts are saved centrally. The translation is simplified by the “OnSiteEdit“ function integrated in the novomind iSHOP. Country specific user interfaces may also be individually designed.



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