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novomind iSHOP: Multichannel commerce in all of its facets – out of the box


These days, shopping online is just as common as going to the supermarket. However, the modern online shopper has high expectations when it comes to a positive shopping experience, and thus also to state of the art e-commerce systems. With novomind iSHOP, we offer an uncompromised e-commerce software solution which fulfils the challenges of tomorrow even today!

Shop management without IT expertise

As an e-commerce provider, we attach major importance to innovative and flexible shop management. For this reason, novomind iSHOP provides the most advanced tool set for shop managers with intuitive usability of all common shop solutions. Precisely timed site production enables campaigns to be configured in advance, but spontaneous actions can also be implemented “just in time”. Teasers can be played and exchanged automatically in accordance with a business-related set of rules. A/B testing campaigns can be designed easily and conducted for any desired period of time. This way, the shop manager has full content control at his or her disposal and can make changes at any time– without the need to deploy IT resources.

The Story: No old wine in new skins

As a software house with high expertise in the implementation and operation of online shops we have frequently been faced with obstacles that needed to be overcome. On the one hand, e-shop projects often lasted too long. It also became apparent that clients became dependent on the IT or the service provider due to the levels of complexity, even where only tiny changes to the shop were needed. For these reasons, novomind iSHOP is based on three essential points, according to which the software was developed in 2009:

  • Implementation speed – short ”time-to-market”
  • Shop management without IT expertise
  • High performance

Multichannel commerce platform

Right from the beginning, the novomind iSHOP platform has been designed in such a way that it can take account of the complete muiltichannel infrastructure of a company in an optimal manner, either right from the outset or in a process of progressive expansion. Using an intelligent data and object model with related business logic, the software covers the aspects of channel, brand, store, country, language and currency in the form of a state-of-the-art multichannel platform. As a result, mobile shops can be directly integrated, for example, and online shoppers can enjoy a cross-device shopping experience, as the shopping cart is identical for all channels!

novomind iSHOP Six-Multi - global e-commerce in six dimensions

novomind iSHOP is based on the latest internet technologies

To ensure high performance levels as an e-shop system, novomind iSHOP relies on “in-memory computing” technology and dispenses with caching and a conventional relational database. The loading of the pages in real-time provides the technological basis for one-to-one personalisation. Online shop operators can boost their competitive advantage through creative real-time marketing campaigns that can be launched at any time. 

A modern operational concept offers many advantages

novomind iSHOP consistently uses the “software as a service” model and provides an ideal alternative to the conventional licence model. The monthly fees are calculated according to traffic, not transactions. This means that your entire turnover contributes to your earnings. Further developments suggested in the novomind iSHOP user group are available free of charge, with 4 major releases per year. Furthermore, 24/7 server and application coverage, site monitoring and a target availability of more than 99.9% are included within the SaaS costs. This way you can guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness for your online shop. 



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