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Software on demand: customer communication solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS)

A fast start thanks to our on-demand operating model

Besides the 'classic' license model, we offer our customer communication solutions novomind iMAIL, novomind iCHAT and novomind iCALL, as well as 'software as a service'. novomind AG professionally handles the technical operation, maintenance and servicing of the solutions in full.

Successful companies must react flexibly to changes. This also applies to the IT sector. Today, companies can no longer allow themselves lengthy project cycles with involved approval processes for software and hardware budgets if they want to remain competitive. The rapid growth in the segment of electronic client communication in particular – more than 50 % of all companies wants to invest more in this area – requires software systems that can be scaled and are immediately available to companies. The solution is 'software-on-demand systems'.

Other advantages and features of novomind iAGENT-on-demand:

  • No IT required
    You save on expensive capital expenditures for new hardware, IT training, licenses and maintenance agreements.
  • System can be set up quickly
    Every contact centre or customer service centre can set up a professional communications system with novomind iAGENT-on-demand within a few days and does not need to bind itself to a fixed package over the long term. In order to use the software in full, the company only needs internet access and a brief introduction.
  • Flexibility
    A particular advantage of the on-demand solution is flexibility: It lets the company react quickly to any fluctuations. Depending on the need, additional capacities can be easily added and removed on a monthly basis.
  • Direct entry into pilot tests
    The existing IT infrastructure from the private cloud makes it possible to conduct quick and easy pilot tests. Companies can easily test the Chat channel (novomind iCHAT), for example.
    The quick implementation of a chat button on the website has already been used by clients in the insurance industry and the finance industry.

The particularly flexible contractual terms mean that this offer is especially focused on companies with irregular communication needs (e.g. seasonal fluctuations). Our attractive on-demand model is suited for companies that want to start operations quickly and professionally.



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