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novomind iCLAIM: The modern complaints management software for your customer services


With novomind iCLAIM we present a supplement to our multichannel communication software, novomind iAGENT, for the processing of complaints and customer feedback. This provides you with a central communications solution for your customer services, including a complaints management module! Integrated monitoring and reporting gives information on all current open and completed items and therefore transparency in all processes in your service centre – without any media discontinuity.

Manage complaints & claims efficiently across all contact channels

The processing of a complaint requires careful internal examination, the involvement of various departments and the structured acquisition of all data associated with the item. novomind iCLAIM provides you with a central complaints management module to control these business processes and reduce processing times.  

The processing time needed for the complaints procedure is clearly longer than for a general customer request and usually cannot be resolved on first contact. The processing of complaints should therefore begin with the correct classification: is this a complaint - i.e. an expression of your customer’s dissatisfaction? Or is it a claim, which may entail compensation?

novomind iCLAIM provides for automatic allocation to the right team, rapid processing, and the reliable handling of incoming requests. The integration of all departments and IT systems in our central multichannel communication software, novomind iAGENT, including all contact channels, such as e-mail, fax, post, chat, telephone or social media, ensures transparent and efficient quality management.

Overview of novomind iCLAIM:

  • Simple, structured overview in an editor
    novomind iCLAIM is a web-based and user-friendly application for your complaints management system. Your employees will be able to find their way around intuitively and quickly become familiar with the system.
  • Analysis & service-level based routing
    On the basis of our semantic analysis, customer requests are selected in terms of their content, allocated on the basis of classification features for the category of complaint and routed to the correct team.
  • Systematic acquisition and rapid processing of customer claims
    novomind iCLAIM supports the employee through the automated allocation of templates and texts for efficient processing and standardisation of complaints procedures.
  • Integration in back-end systems
    The employee can make use of comprehensive search options by connecting with customer base data, CRM, content management and telephone systems.
  • Plausibility check and quality assurance
    Proactive trouble-shooting (e.g. identification of parallel cases) supports employees in the search for causes and the final processing of an item (e.g. spellchecking, approval procedure, consistent responses).
  • Granular monitoring and reporting
    A central overview of all processes without media discontinuity allows your company to optimise complaints processes for future cases.



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