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novomind iCALL: logging inbound calls in a contact centre


novomind iCALL is an integral part of the agent interface novomind iAGENT and enables the agent to log telephone calls efficiently with access to customer-relevant data.

novomind iCALL - logging inbound calls in a contact centre

Your choice!

novomind iCALL offers flexible interfaces for different telecommunications systems (Avaya, Alcatel, Siemens, voxtron and others). You have the choice of the following integration options:

Option 2: Blended agent process

novomind CT Cartridge uses the 'blended agent' process to enable the flexible delivery of emails to contact centre agents according to specific criteria through the standard ACD of the telecommunications system.
Incoming emails and other messages such as faxes and letters are handled like phone calls and sent to an agent. This means an agent who is talking on the phone will not receive any emails. If the agent is working on an email, no call will be assigned to him. So the agent can be reached via various communication media, but only through an automatic distribution instance.

Critical factors for the blended agent process:

  • Adequate number of employees
  • Adequate contact volume
  • Channel-independent organisation
  • Service-level goals for all channels
  • Last but not least: novomind iMAIL!

Option 1: Prioritised routing of calls

Your employee may be handling an email. An incoming call is signalled to the employee in the agent interface. Accepting the call will cause a break in the handling of the email. Other possibilities:

  • Caller identification and display of caller data on the phone ticket
  • Retrieval of client data from a client
  • Dynamic categorisation on the basis of transmitted call data



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