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Outstanding performance – the shop system for modern omnichannel commerce:

novomind iSHOP

novomind iSHOP is your shop system for modern omnichannel commerce. Quick and flexible to plan and implement with outstanding performance. Your shop system for the future – for simple and effective shop management. Available as a SaaS solution from the private cloud.


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novomind iSHOP

Overview of features

B2C and B2B shop systems for omnichannel commerce


novomind iSHOP is the state-of-the-art shop software for all requirements – quick, efficient and out-of-the-box


Multilingual capability, multi-brand and multi-currency support for simple internationalisation. Multi-device support including standard app all straight out-of-the-box. Thanks to inheritance logic, content once maintained can be transferred to other channels



All content can be individualised in real-time and controlled in the back office – creating a personalised online shop



High Performance
For the perfect shopping experience. Live shop management and real-time commerce through In-Memory technology



Shopmanagement Tools
Simple control. Comprehensive starter package with testing, tracking, personalisation and automation – all-inclusive




Two months to go-live – expandable full responsive shop including the most important functions plus app




Order Management
With the optional novomind iSHOP OMS module, you get a flexible order management system with an easy-to-use web interface for managing customer data, orders and simplified integration into existing ERP systems. By mapping complex corporate structures, the OMS module becomes a B2B enabler.



Everything out-of-the-box

Search engine, A/B testing and recommendation engine are completely integrated – no individual integration projects required.

For your success in omnichannel commerce

Based on modern online technologies, novomind iSHOP develops intelligent and creative concepts for all requirements of a successful e-commerce business. novomind iSHOP enables active on-site marketing and sales-oriented shop management. Accurate time-controlled delivery allows actions and campaigns to be completed in advance and spontaneous actions can be implemented on a just-in-time basis.

From the basic model to the enterprise solution - the right shop for all requirements
novomind iSHOP is geared towards modern, successful omnichannel commerce and is a shop system with future. With its flexibility, novomind iSHOP can be used in a wide range of scenarios: as a standard base shop (Quickstart Store) as well as a complex, highly individualized enterprise solution.

The basic shop is equipped with all the best-in-class e-commerce functions and is fully operational in less than two months. If required, it can be extended individually at any time. Or it is planned from the beginning as the basis for an enterprise solution.

Internationalization, localization and a rollout of multiple brands are easily possible at any time due to the underlying intelligent data and object model.


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novomind iSHOP Benefits






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