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19 Jul 2017

novomind helps MARC O’POLO increase the product data quality of its online shop with novomind iPIM

The Hamburg-based software developer novomind supports the centralisation and enhancement of product data of the premium casual lifestyle brand with its international PIM system

MARC O'POLO Online-Shop

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The successful international fashion brand MARC O’POLO has introduced novomind iPIM for the product data management of its online shop. The PIM system of the Hamburg-based software expert novomind centralises and enhances the e-commerce product data of the premium casual lifestyle brand to optimise the online shop and marketplace processes.

novomind iPIM was introduced to make enhanced e-commerce product data available across the company. To achieve this, various product data sources had to be pooled and enriched in the new PIM system. “novomind iPIM enabled us to centralise all necessary product data and to structure them in a uniform manner for multi-channel e-commerce,” says Vanessa Platz, Division Head of E-Commerce at MARC O’POLO. This has provided the basis for the company-wide management and enhancement of high-quality product data going forward.

In addition to pooling all product-relevant data and centralising them in the system, novomind iPIM also automates the data flows for the import and export of product data. Automated product data imports and exports simplify the management and internationalisation of the data. Product texts are exported for pooled translation and can just as easily be imported thereafter. Moreover, the history across the product life cycle can be recorded and product data can be edited in the PIM system by licence partners.

To support the marketplace business, novomind iPIM performs a detailed advance check of the product data’s suitability for the marketplace. In order to meet all requirements of the marketplace, novomind iPIM helps the company’s photo studio determine the right camera settings and number of images. Approved photos are automatically fed into the PIM system and assigned to the respective products.

“The selection of novomind iPIM was a strategic decision for the future of our online trade,” says Vanessa Platz. “It enabled us to optimise our processes and create the preconditions for stable growth in e-commerce.”