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15 Jun 2016

WhatsApp, Video Chat & Co – New Channels for Customer Service

Intensive exchange is highly valued at novomind. The Hamburg software developer regularly meets with its customers to jointly work on requirements, ideas and options for new solutions. The latest meeting was a joint workshop in April. Those present: customer representatives from a variety of branches, from health insurance funds and trading companies, from publishing company and ministry, from DAK [German Employees' Health Fund] and DKB [Deutsche Kreditbank] to Otto and Douglas.

This time the targeted topic was "New Channels" – for novomind always an especially important theme. On its central communication platform, novomind iAGENT, novomind already integrates more than ten channels, from e-mail, text chat and social-media channels to audio and video chat, providing modern service centres with everything that customer service requires.

And what everyone is currently looking for is also placed high in the workshop result rankings. The importance of integrating WhatsApp continues to grow. As presented for the first time in Call Center World in February in Berlin, novomind has already integrated WhatsApp as a channel in the module novomind iMAIL. All workshop participants stressed the enormous relevance of the Messenger as a channel of communication - also for their customers. And novomind can already provide it. The same applies to audio and video chat, which is already is use with novomind customers and is successfully extending the classical text chat. To sum up, new channels are wanted by everyone – even if they are not intended as replacements for the classical channels. They should help to extend the options available and should offer each customer the channel that's wanted. novomind will continue to invest in the development of new channels as a means of continuously improving the quality and versatility of the customer service.

Last but not least, booming social-media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are also discussed, as is Snapchat, as the current messaging favourite of Generation Z. Result: as channels these three offers are still not anchored in the customer centre, but even this will presumably not take much longer. At present, the novomind developers are working on an interface for the integration of YouTube. The interface for Instagram is already finished!