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28 Aug 2014

WebRTC - Audio and video chat without download

Text chat is already possible on many company websites. In the future, customers will have even more innovative possibilities for contacting a company quickly and easily.

The WebRTC technology enables a direct audio and video chat with a company without having to download any software as is, for example, the case with Skype.

The novomind iAGENT has already integrated this technology and the first pilot customer will start using it later this year.

The areas of application for this simple contact method are extremely diverse. 

The audio chat, for example, can be proactively displayed to the customer during the ordering process (push to talk). This direct communication channel increases the order completion likelihood, for example for e-commerce companies. novomind iSHOP customers, in particular, benefit from the already integrated version of the audio and video chat via the novomind iAGENT.

On the one hand, the video chat enables personal contact for many banks and insurance companies (without a personal presence in a company branch) and, on the other hand, it also aids customer identification (see Circular of 1/2014 from BaFin).
“We want to combine all customer communication across all channels under one interface. The novomind iAGENT system enables multi-channel communication ranging from traditional channels such as letters and fax to innovative communication such as social media and video chat,” says Sylvia Feja, Business Unit Manager eCommunication.