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04 Sep 2007

Web services attract young customers

Eighty per cent of Internet users use Web-supported services

Companies can score with customers by offering interactive online services

Internet-supported services are "in"
The Internet as an interactive network: precisely this affinity with Web 2.0 is of interest to e-commerce enterprises. With appropriate offerings, they can enhance the attractiveness of their shop websites. New Web-supported applications are now all the rage. Eight out of ten Internet users, particularly young people, regularly take advantage of Web services. Seventy per cent communicate for example via Messenger or Skype, 40 per cent arrange appointments online. Nearly one in three Netizens use storage platforms, like YouTube, as a virtual hard disk for music or photos. These are the findings of the trend survey "Vernetzte Kunden - Wie Web 2.0 das Online-Shopping verändert" (Online consumers - how Web 2.0 is changing online shopping) conducted by novomind AG in collaboration with and
Great potential for e-shop operators
Companies can take advantage of the great interest of Internet surfers in Web-supported services. Making virtual photo albums available, for example, is an ideal way for tour operators to enhance their booking platform on the Net. Applications on e-commerce platforms with which customers or potential customers can exchange notes on products—also in the form or audio or video messages—are also an option.
The young lead the way, the old follow suit
The core target group is the very young generation of 14 to 20-year-olds. They are far more receptive to Web services and tools than older Internet surfers of between 30 and 40, say. Each of the young respondents today exchanges messages via Messenger or Skype. Half of them store music, photos or other data on YouTube or similar platforms. In the 30 to 40-year-old bracket, interest is lower. Three-quarters of them communicate via Messenger or Skype and some 30 per cent use storage services. The Internet surfers of between 40 and 50 either make intensive use of Web services or do not use Web-based applications at all. Over one-third of them has absolutely no experience of such applications so far. Once the over-40s’ interest has been aroused, they make above-average use of it. They chiefly favour practical online services, such as the arrangement of appointments on the Net.

Background information
The report series from the trend survey entitled "Networked customers - how Web 2.0 is changing online shopping" presents the results of an online survey conducted on behalf of novomind AG in conjunction with and This survey investigated the current trends in Web 2.0 applications and how customers make use of them. The survey was conducted between 30 January and 28 February 2007. A total of 374 end-consumers took part.
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