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10 Dec 2019

Using WhatsApp Business API efficiently – without newsletters and as personally as possible

Using WhatsApp Business API efficiently – without newsletters and as personally as possible

Although the chapter “Newsletters via WhatsApp” was closed on 7 December, the success story of the WhatsApp Business API continues. By officially banning the dispatch of newsletters in the business environment, WhatsApp has refocused its platform for businesses on the fundamental idea of the messenger service, i.e. fast, simple and personal communication on a platform that users worldwide know and trust.

“Personal” is the key word here. Anybody wishing to use the WhatsApp Business API as efficiently as possible should now seize the opportunity to truly personalize their digital customer communications. After all, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger service in Germany. The rapid personal exchange with friends and family has become the means of communication in everyday life. So why should it be less personal in the business environment?

We recommend using the WhatsApp Business API as personalized as possible. Users want concrete services, i.e. fast and result-oriented advice as well as helpful information from competent contacts. The “right” use of messengers offers a great opportunity to finally implement personalized customer communications “rightly” and to really be able to respond individually to each customer. This also opens the door to digital commerce.

Bridge function: Messaging connects customer service and commerce

The much-vaunted personalization is often still a digital one-way street and is limited to addressing the customer – when it comes to engaging in a real dialogue, there is still considerable room for improvement. Messaging offers the potential to finally score big time – and in two ways: on the one hand, messengers like WhatsApp enable customer-friendly real-time communication in customer service; on the other hand, they offer concrete opportunities for use in e-commerce. From individualized advice provided by a service agent directly to online shopping within minutes and vice versa – all in a single WhatsApp chat. While this may currently still be a pie in the sky, it is definitely no longer just a vision. Small shops already integrate their product ranges into their WhatsApp customer communications in the form of “shop windows”, while mail order companies use deep links from the WhatsApp chat to guide their customers directly to the shopping carts of their online shops. New options are developed all the time, and we would be pleased to assist you in this process. Product and process development in the field of messaging is realized by novomind messaging GmbH. The Messaging Team of this wholly-owned novomind subsidiary focuses entirely on this sector and integrates customer service and commerce, with the novomind messaging API serving as the integral element. It is open to all relevant messaging services and can therefore be used with maximum flexibility.