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14 Jul 2015

Trend conscious: Ulla Popken uses novomind iPOEM for marketplace integration

With its wide fashion range with various own brands, the Popken Fashion Group, which operates as a multi-channel company, is known worldwide. Fashion lovers are able to buy the brands Ulla Popken, GINA LAURA, JP 1880 and STUDIO UNTOLD in more than 30 countries in 700 stores as well as in mail order and internet retail and selected B2B partners.

With the aid of novomind iPOEM, the fashion items are now being integrated into various internet marketplaces. novomind iPOEM offers the ideal solution for the smooth, fully automated integration in complex marketplace processes. To start with, the sales of the fashion line GINA LAURA were realised on Amazon where the incorporation of Ulla Popken will follow shortly. The marketing via further platforms is also planned for the future.

The product data supply to the marketplace is automated via marketplace connector novomind iPOEM which gets the master data direct via the ERP software of e-velopment  and enhances this marketplace specifically. novomind iPOEM also assumes the complete order and stock handling transparently and performantly. The web-based novomind iPOEM Cockpit supplies the marketplace managers of Popken Fashion with a complete overview of their product data and order process and important KPIs of the marketplace business at any time.

novomind iPOEM is used by many well known brands and retailers for the reliable handling of their strategic, high traffic marketplace business including also PUMA, s.Oliver, babywalz, MediaMarkt and Saturn.