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15 Dec 2009

Too much stress: Christmas shopping at the computer

E-shops don’t make the most of the location advantage the Internet offers

Lots of service functions set virtual tills tinkling

The dream of online shops being stress-free zones is not yet reality  
Christmas shopping, but without the stress. One in three Germans is drawn to the Internet in the hope of finding j ust that, but online shops waste the advantage of their home-based location. More than every second e-shop leaves customers to wrap their gifts themselves-no gift service available. What’s more, only one in four e-shops offer their customers tips on which gifts to buy, for example with virtual wish lists for the family. The majority of German online shops are not equipped for Christmas business. These were the findings of an e-shop survey for which the IT service provider novomind questioned 200 e-commerce decision makers. 
The more assistance, the better  
As a result, stress levels also rise during virtual Advent and so, too, does the buyer’s search for orientation on the Net. The concept of "customers helping customers" is one remedy. Internet shoppers are grateful for any tip that doesn’t lead to the usual pair of socks or naming for a planet. E-shops still offer this kind of service far too seldom. Only about one in two retailers publish customer ratings on their own shop pages and offer space for customers to pass on their own gift ideas. 
Data security makes for relaxed shopping on the Web  
Security and convenience at the Internet checkout take the stress out of buying. Being able to pay without fear of having your personal data stolen boosts customer confidence in the shop. Nowadays, some 71 percent of shop operators safeguard their shop site with SSL encoding that shuts out data thieves. Well-prepared shops are also increasing the number of payment options they offer. Vendors only willing to sell their wares against advance payment risk customers getting annoyed and breaking off the transaction before completing it 
Functional diversity pays  
In a nutshell: online tills jingle most during the Christmas rush where retailers have built as many services as possible into their online shop. Ninety-three per cent of online shops offering more than 20 functions are satisfied with their present turnover, twice as many as those offering at most ten technical aids, the novomind survey reveals. 
novomind AG: innovative software for professional customer communication and modern Internet systems  
The novomind Services division specialises in modern software solutions for electronic telecommerce (e-commerce). Consulting, imple¬mentation and operational support in the fields of e-shopping, PIM and marketplace integration together lead to tailor-made e-commerce solutions for novomind customers - manufacturer-independent, individual and successful.
Integratability, scalability and availability of systems are as much a prime focus, therefore, as pragmatic project management and fast software-development cycles.
novomind’s technological partners include Inter¬shop, IBM, Oracle and hybris.
The novomind clientele includes Der Club Bertelsmann,, Otto Group, Ernsting’s family, Media-Saturn, s.Oliver and Weltbild.
The Products division portfolio features, among other things, the novomind Self Service Suite. This software package contains all the necessary communication modules a customer service centre needs, based on a central knowledge database. More than 50 big-name companies have already opted for novomind technology, including Citibank, Otto, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German Pensions Association), Der Club Bertelsmann, EnBW and myToys.