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11 Mar 2008

The opinions of others - online shoppers are like sheep

In Internet purchasing, what really counts is what others buy and approve

Forums and online customer areas are opinion leaders in Internet shopping  
A good 70 per cent of Internet shoppers follow other people’s verdicts for deciding on their purchases. The basis for their product selection is, above all, the opinions and assessments in forums, and in the customer areas of online shops. Some 54 per cent of surfers make their purchasing decisions based on high sales rankings and positive user assessments; 27 per cent are guided by opinions from their personal circle in the real world. This means that a buyer’s social environment has less influence on Internet purchase decisions than evaluations within the virtual sphere. These results were obtained by the study "Buyer typologies on the Internet - Sales stimulation by satisfied shopping motives", by novomind, in cooperation with and 
Shopping on the Internet offers fabulous freedom of choice  
The study shows that the social safeguarding of the purchasing decision is a critical motive of selection on the Internet. However, online shoppers perceive themselves differently: 72 per cent of surfers believe that they compare numerous offers on the Internet, and autonomously make the best choice. Similarly, in virtual marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, 43 per cent have the feeling that they shop more freely and with less outside influence than at a retailer. A total of 16 per cent of Internet shoppers feel they are under pressure from salespersons in real shops. In contrast, online recommendations, virtual advisers of online shops or reports of the experience of other buyers can be called up at will, without seeming pushy. Around 70 per cent of online shoppers find that the anonymous and uncomplicated access to information and offers is particularly agreeable. 
Online shoppers are purposeful in access  
However, almost no Internet users enter the virtual marketplaces purely for a relaxed look around. Only 15 per cent of surfers are simply looking for inspiration when viewing products. Nearly 40 per cent think they find the right product quickly and reliably on the Internet. One in six then actually decides spontaneously on a product, even if a similar immediate purchase has already turned out to be a mistake in the past. 
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