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16 Jan 2017

Supply of product data for OTTO specialist online shops by novomind iPIM

OTTO special shops address the needs of online shoppers who are looking for very specific products in certain areas. With,,, and, Otto has created stylish online shops offering modern shopping experiences covering furniture, home goods, kitchen appliances and household electronics. These online shops run on novomind iSHOP, with a fully responsive design and are particularly flexible in adaptation and design.

Since October 2016, product data for the different ranges offered by our specialist online shops have been centrally supplied by novomind iPIM. This enables even greater flexibility for new features and design ideas in the existing shops whilst at the same time opening up possibilities for new specialist shops. The first step in implementing this was to consolidate the hitherto disparate data sources to produce a standard import format for novomind iSHOP. As a result, OTTO now has a commercial PIM platform which will increasingly take over granular data management and in so doing become the driver for quality product data in all our existing and future specialist online shops.