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20 May 2014

Successful system changeover to novomind iMAIL at mail order retailer Walz

In December 2013, the mail order retailer Walz GmbH went live with an important building block in multi-channel architecture. Based on novomind iPIM, a PIM project was implemented which supplies HD product data for the in-house e-commerce platform and connected B2C marketplaces.

The mail order retailer has also been building on novomind in customer service since early this year. The customer contact software, novomind iMAIL, was launched within a few weeks – between early January and late March - for customer service in six countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria) and in three languages (German, Flemish and French/Walloon).

Four different departments use the solution which also has interfaces to customer databases and the customer archive for smooth customer service processes. This includes the customer service Baby & Kids, the customer service Living & Home, address management and order processing as well as country coordination. E-mail is available as the communication channel now and fax is in progress. “The major challenges of this project included the complex requirements due to the varying needs of the departments and the multiple languages. The success in meeting all the requirements is above all due to great team performance and excellent cooperation with the customer“, concludes Sylvia Feja, Director E-Communication at novomind.