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18 Nov 2008

Shop technology: three out of four e-shops copy their rivals

The latest software updates pay off

One in four shop operators respond too slowly

New shop technology only when requested  
The moment at which e-commerce businesses update the technology of their online shops is often decided after watching rival companies. Seventy-six per cent of operators wait for other e-shops to change before turning a critical eye on their own software and hardware. Furthermore, two-thirds of online shops orient themselves around the judgement of Internet shoppers. Only when customers give feedback, saying for example that the pages take too long to load or that they want new features, do shop operators react. Only one in five shop proprietors decide on the basis of internal planning the intervals at which shop platforms are to be technically updated. These are the findings of the latest INTERNET WORLD Business Trendscout "Technology Trends among E-Shops", which has been produced by novomind in collaboration with INTERNET WORLD Business magazine. 

Online shops respond too slowly  
This means that e-shopping companies often wait too long to move to a new generation of e-commerce software. In the worst case that can cause customers to go elsewhere, which hurts sales. Delays and hesitation when investing in new IT quickly leads to greater numbers of abandoned purchases. Online shoppers quickly lose interest in buying on the Net if pages take too long to open, or if the shop is frequently closed for maintenance. Despite this, 27 per cent of online traders do not respond until their sales figures drop and an investment in new shop systems is basically forced upon them. 
Programming expense prevents technology upgrades  
For many shop operators, a complete replacement of technology is out of the question, because the programming of ever-more-complex Web-shop interfaces is turning into a real cost factor. The development of graphical interfaces is especially heavy on programming. 

novomind AG: innovative software for professional customer communication and Internet systems  
The novomind Services division specialises in modern software solutions for electronic telecommerce (e-commerce). Consulting, imple¬mentation and operational support in the fields of e-shopping, PIM and marketplace integration together lead to tailor-made e-commerce solutions for novomind customers-manufacturer-independent, individual and successful.
Integratability, scalability and availability of systems are as much a prime focus, therefore, as pragmatic project management and fast software-development cycles.
novomind’s technological partners include Inter¬shop, IBM, Oracle and hybris.
The novomind clientele includes Der Club Bertelsmann,, Otto-Group, Mexx, Ernsting’s family, Media-Saturn, s.Oliver and Weltbild.
The Products division portfolio features, among other things, the novomind Self Service Suite. This software package contains all the necessary communication modules a customer service centre needs, based on a central knowledge database.