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15 Jun 2016

Shirt sponsoring for young football players in Norderstedt: northerners gain promotion and kick off with the support of novomind

With the European Football Championship in France in full swing, the C Juniors of FFC Nordlichter Norderstedt have won promotion from the District League (Districts of Segeberg / Neumünster / Stormarn) already two game-days before the end of the season. With this, the set target has been achieved and the team has crowned a great season with promotion. novomind is not only a supporter along with the fans, but also lends its support "on the field": As the "Official Shirt Sponsor" of the "Nordlichter-C-Jugend" we also provide the football strips. After all, true champions and newly promoted teams not only have to kick well, they also want to look good!

novomind gets regularly involved in projects for children and adolescents in and around Hamburg, often together with foundations, initiatives or other non-profit groups and organizations. And sometimes we are also simply overwhelmed by the personal commitment shown by our own employees – one of the dynamic, honorary, problem-tackling "kicker" fathers in the Nordlichter Club is also a "novominder".

Further information and photos of the Nordlichter [meaning Northerners or Northern Lights] can be found at