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11 Oct 2016

Ready for Enterprise: novomind iPIM demonstrates excellent performance in quality and endurance check

novomind tests novomind iPIM in data management scenario with some 17 million products at the IBM Innovation Center in Zurich


In close cooperation with the IBM Innovation Center in Zurich, Hamburg-based novomind AG has demonstrated the enterprise capability of novomind iPIM. The PIM Performance Test is based on a realistic customer scenario with some 1,000 users and roughly 17 million products. The framework conditions were made available at the IBM Innovation Center in Zurich. The tests were carried out on IBM POWER Systems and flash storage hardware and software components.

A state-of-the-art enterprise solution should guarantee optimum performance even when handling complex data volumes and scale flexibly in line with the utilisation of the system, responding, for instance, to growing data volumes or increasing system loads. The latest test has confirmed that novomind iPIM meets these requirements.

Following the infrastructural preparations, the novomind IPIM system was installed on the IBM infrastructure. In the context of the test scenarios, various combinations of data volumes, automatic system load and user load were tested and analysed. All three components were varied and increased successively.

During the test, several optimisations were implemented on novomind IPM and the configuration of the application server as well as the database. The optimisation of the DB2 database management system was essentially supported by IBM’s “DB2 Center of Excellence” in Rochester (Minnesota, USA).

The results confirm the enterprise capability of  novomind iPIM: data volumes of up to 17 million products can be handled and the scalability of novomind iPIM has been confirmed. novomind iPIM scales without software changes using the underlying hardware of the DB and application servers. Response times in the full text search within the 17 million products remained below half a second throughout the test.

This shows that novomind iPIM is suitable also for use in very large commerce scenarios. Today already, novomind iPIM is used successfully by many retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers from a wide variety of different sectors such as fashion, DIY and auto parts.

“We are very proud that our product data management system novomind iPIM has delivered such an excellent performance in this PIM performance test,” says Markus Rohmeyer, Head of PIM at novomind. “As a central reference source and hub for all product data components, novomind iPIM can easily be used and scaled also for large data volumes and across all channels. We would like to thank our partners and colleagues at IBM that they have given us the chance to jointly demonstrate the performance of our software.”

novomind iPIM has been validated as “Ready for IBM Commerce” and “Ready for POWER Systems Software”. For over ten years, novomind has been a successful project partner of IBM. Today, novomind is a “Premium Business Partner” of IBM and has one of the largest teams of experts for the integration of the IBM WebSphere Commerce system. In this capacity, the novomind team is responsible for the development and the support of over 40 successful online shops, e.g. Ernsting’s family or CEWE, based on IBM WebSphere Commerce throughout Europe.