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09 Jul 2015

Online identification via video chat: Deutsche Post moves ahead using novomind technology

Hamburg-based systems house designs secure and user-friendly live online dialogue based on advanced WebRTC technology.

In May 2015 Deutsche Post launched its new POSTIDENT Video identification process. It allows private individuals to provide proof of identity online using their PC, laptop or smartphone when opening a new account. Deutsche Post, Europe’s largest provider of postal services, chose the video chat solution from novomind to implement this seamless digital identification option.

The Hamburg-based software house for intelligent e-business software has developed a secure and user-friendly identification solution jointly with Deutsche Post. The video chat is part of the novomind iCHAT module and uses the advanced WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology. This technology enables opening a live online dialogue with a single mouse click without requiring any additional download. “We always aim to create plug-in free software”. Deutsche Post’s call centre agents and customers can launch their dialogue straight away without having to download anything,” says Sylvia Feja, Head of E-Communication at novomind.

The novomind developers implemented the video chat solution for POSTIDENT Video in close cooperation with Deutsche post’s IT team. The new system was ready to launch within less than six months. “We have worked intensively and in full confidence with Deutsche Post’s team and our cooperation has been very effective,” says Sylvia Feja, adding: “Both sides have complemented each other optimally and managed an agile process to push ahead the implementation.” novomind put together a new five-strong team to get the system up and running and stay in charge of ongoing operation. In addition, the novomind experts are available as a technical support team and they optimise processes on an ongoing basis as part of the agile product management.

The security aspect is a central element of Deutsche Post’s requirement profile. The project comes under section 6 of Germany’s latest GWG anti money-laundering act and has to meet Deutsche Post Group’s stringent security and data production rules.

The very highest levels of security on Deutsche Post’s side are ensured by Deutsche Post Customer Service Center GmbH (DP CSC) in Flensburg where the company has set up a dedicated team with its own rooms and hardware. Combined with novomind’s strict data protection criteria, POSTIDENT Video benefits from a comprehensive package of safety measures and precautions.

“Our video identification process complies with all relevant laws and statutes and meets Germany’s high data security standards. Importantly, the processing centres, the data storage facilities and the call centres are all located in Germany,” explains Thomas Hauck, head of the Dialogue Marketing, Identity Management and Digital Products business unit at Deutsche Post AG.

In practical use, the online identification process takes only approximately five minutes to complete. The customer is guided through the process by a DP SC call centre agent. Apart from their identity card or passport, customers need stable Internet access, a mobile phone as well as a PC with microphone, webcam and loudspeaker. Alternatively they can use the POSTIDENT Video App for tablets and smartphones.

“In keeping with our status as a full service provider, we offer companies and consumers the full range of modern processes for proof-of-identity verification. We offer the broadest range of identification options in the market, from digital to analogue, from stationary to mobile. POSTIDENT Video now offers consumers an even more convenient way of proving their identity from the comfort of their home. In novomind we have found the right partner for bringing this product to the market and we look forward to working with them in the future,” says Thomas Hauck.