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19 Dec 2019

novomind supports social projects in Hamburg – not only at Christmas but throughout the year

Shower bus, retirement center, child and family aid as well as animal welfare: four special suggestions for donations made by our employees were put into practice in 2019

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The Christmas season is the time of the year when you think more intensely about those who are not on the sunny side of life. As a Hamburg-based company, novomind has always felt closely linked to the city, its residents and its stories. For more than 15 years, novomind has supported the Preuschhof Foundation in its commitment for disadvantaged children and youths.

This year, four special social projects suggested by novomind’s employees were supported. The company made a total of EUR 10,000 available for these projects. Rather coincidentally, but quite fittingly, this year all donations were handed over during the Christmas season. In 2019 as a whole, novomind AG donated a total of EUR 50,000.

Today, Chris Poelmann from GoBanyo accepted the donation directly at novomind’s office (see picture). GoBanyo is Hamburg’s shower bus for homeless people – always on the go and where showers are needed. Its use is free of charge and clean clothes are also provided. Hamburg’s first showerbus has been in operation since St. Nicholas Day on 6 December.

Previously, representatives of the animal welfare organization “Hamburger Tierschutzverein von 1841 e.V”. and of the KerVita retirement center in Reppenstedt had already received donations. At the KerVita retirement center, novomind’s donation supports patients with dementia. Here, music is used to sing with seniors, which is an important factor in increasing their quality of life and their ability to remember. The donation permits to finance a specialist for the effect of music on people with dementia.
The animal welfare organization uses the money to finance feeding places for and the veterinary treatment of free-living cats.

Outlook on 2020: summer camp for children
And last but not least there is the idea of a summer camp for children aged 10 to 14 who come from families in need and whose prospects are therefore limited. novomind wants to make a contribution here as well – a sum of money has already been set aside and the idea is taking shape. More information about this project will be provided here at the beginning of 2020.