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29 Nov 2017

novomind gives you mobility!

Hamburg-based software company opens StadtRAD station on Bramfelder Chaussee / Bicycle Traffic Coordinator Kirsten Pfaue praises community engagement

Stadtrad novomind

Two years ago, novomind AG moved into their new company headquarters on Bramfelder Chaussee, and now another dedication ceremony was celebrated outside the building – one that would particularly please bicycle riders in Bramfeld. In cooperation with the Agency for Economy, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) and StadtRad operator Deutsche Bahn AG, the software company opened a self-financed StadtRAD station on Hellbrookkamp on its own initiative.

“We wanted to fill a gap with the station and in particular make the last stretch to the underground stations between Habichtstrasse and Wandsbek-Gartenstadt more convenient,” explains Stefan Grieben, COO of novomind.

The new station was in operation six weeks after the first request was made to the public authorities. The red bicycles have now been standing directly in front of the company headquarters since July. And it’s not just the employees who are happy about this; the public also benefits from the new rental station. It is useful for everyone in the area around Bramfelder Chaussee and has been very well received so far. “On Friday afternoon it can happen that there are no bikes left,” says Grieben, about the frequency of visits to the station.

Kirsten Pfaue, Hamburg’s bicycle traffic coordinator, is pleased with the company’s engagement. “The opening of the novomind StadtRAD station is a good example of entrepreneurial initiative – and an entire neighbourhood benefits from it. novomind is thus following the example of many other companies, and with the new station they are supporting the expansion of the StadtRAD system and cycling in Hamburg overall,” says Pfaue.

In the Wandsbek District, which is already well connected, the Hellbrookkamp/novomind AG station closes one of the few gaps left in the Bramfeld neighbourhood.