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14 Feb 2018

novomind iSHOP: Ranking shop systems 2017

novomind iSHOP is part of the top ten shop systems on the German e-commerce Market 2017

iBusiness study shop systems 2017

More and more companies are relying and trusting on the shop system novomind iSHOP. Better performance, faster page load times or the optimal representation of all shop areas in the Full Responsive Design on all terminals ensure that the software will increasingly be used as a replacement for existing systems.

The powerful and flexible SaaS commerce solution novomind iSHOP reached the top ten shop systems in the German e-commerce market with a total of 1.3 percent market share at the end of last year. The renowned trade magazine "iBusiness" came to this conclusion in the current comparison of the relevant shop systems. The current ranking is based on the results of the study "E-Commerce Market Germany 2017", which is published by the EHI Retail Institute together with the market researchers from Statista. Based on the data collected in this study, the futurologists for interactive business of "iBusiness" subject all shop systems to further in-house searches and check, evaluate and complete the results according to a variety of criteria. For novomind there are numerous findings that underpin the leap into the top ten: When looking at the online shops with a turnover of 30 to 99.9 million euros, novomind has a market share of 2.7 percent. On the basis of the traffic criteria it looks even better: In online shops with traffic of 6 to 19.9 million visits / month results in a market share of 3.2 percent (total share of all online shops by traffic: 1.3 Percent). And with regards to dealer who sell both online and via catalog, novomind achieves a market share of 2.5 percent (total share of all dealers: 1.3 percent).

You can find the current rankings and the results of "iBusiness" here: