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21 Feb 2011

novomind iSHOP: OTTO mobile e-commerce sites online in record time

Development time under four months

Site reaches 90 per cent of mobile devices in Europe

Mobile OTTO sites launched in Russia and Austria    
The mail-order group OTTO is currently expanding its mobile commerce activities. In fact, operations at two new mobile e-commerce sites based on novomind iSHOP started up just a few days ago. Now OTTO customers in Russia and Austria can use shop sites designed especially for smartphones. A third mobile OTTO site is scheduled to go live very soon in the Netherlands, too. The fast implementation of multichannel retailer OTTO’s joint venture with IT service provider novomind underscores the trader’s aspiration to technological leadership in the real-time e-shop systems market. The development of the mobile e-shops took barely four months.

Shop managers can run the mobile channel without IT support   
“Thanks to the novomind iSHOP on-site edit function, we were able to build our mobile e-shop in record time,” says Peter Riegler, head of the new media department at OTTO Austria. At the same time, shop managers can now administer the mobile shop platform without needing a lot of IT know-how, leaving them free to concentrate entirely on the sales side of the business. The technical heart of iSHOP is a concept that makes it possible to serve all relevant mobile devices direct and without the aid of a converter. “All relevant data are supplied fully time-controlled to Mobile, the new shopping channel, by back office,” says Thomas Köhler, managing director of novomind iSHOP GmbH. In addition to the 70 existing teaser types, three new ones have been added. These are specially adapted to the touch technology now widespread in mobile devices.

Mobile e-shops are optimised for use on 90 per cent of mobile devices    
The novomind iSHOP solution supports all iOS and android-based mobile devices at present, which means that over 90 per cent of all mobile end-users on the European continent can access it. The Nokia mobile platform’s Opera browser has been additionally implemented for in response to the special situation in Russia, where Nokia’s mobile devices currently command 75 per cent of the market. An active white-list process automatically redirects all other mobile devices to the normal online shop.

novomind iSHOP GmbH   
novomind iSHOP GmbH is a joint venture of the Hamburg software company novomind AG and the multichannel retailer OTTO. Their collaboration enables both companies to utilise the potential synergy between their areas of e-commerce know-how.

novomind AG

Since 1999, Hamburg company novomind has been developing innovative e-business solutions for the modern Internet world in four e-business disciplines: e-commerce (e-shops and zoom server), ePDM (electronic product management), e-marketplace (marketplace integration) and e-communication (solutions for contact and service centres).

novomind is a European technology leader in every service segment and covers the whole digital value-adding chain in retail and electronic customer communication. The Hamburg-based software house is the fastest growing company in the fields of electronic customer communication and mail management.

novomind also provides comprehensive consultancy services for people choosing a suitable IT system for e-commerce. Established licence software like IBM WebSphere Commerce Server is considered, as are custom-made novomind solutions based on novomind iSHOP.

novomind AG is currently assisting more than 80 companies including Targobank, Der Club Bertelsmann, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Ernsting’s family, EnBW, gebrüder götz, OTTO and QVC.