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02 Nov 2015

novomind iPRINT: Globetrotter is pilot customer for new print solution

Globetrotter Ausrüstung, one of Europe’s biggest outdoor clothing and equipment retailers, trusts in novomind iPRINT for catalogue production.

Globetrotter Ausrüstung, one of Europe’s biggest outdoor clothing and equipment retailers, is currently using, as a pilot customer, the latest innovation of the Hamburg software experts – novomind iPRINT.

With the combination of novomind iPIM and the print module novomind iPRINT, novomind offers genuine database publishing and, with this, revolutionises print media production which has until now been very costly. Publications such as catalogues, brochures, flyers, inserts and product leaflets can now be produced faster and more cost efficiently as the DTP programmes Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress can access all data from novomind iPIM. This means that time consuming picture research is no longer necessary, it is not possible to use images which have not been approved and product data as well as prices are always up to date.

Globetrotter has already successfully completed its first two productions, the autumn and winter catalogues. In September the first catalogue which was produced with iPRINT was presented at dmexco and has already been met with great demand. The new winter catalogue will be available for customers in stores from early November.

Production can be conveniently supported through a web interface where page planning occurs which is then implemented automated through the system or by a designer. The product manager can view the designed pages directly in the web interface without having to use a DTP programme. Any amends can be inserted and are immediately available for the designer or copywriter in the DTP programmes. With this “digital correction” workflow, each amend is recorded and production fully controlled.

The new module also enables the automated creation of price labels and personalised documents: product information with images or text is generated from iPIM and provided as a stand-up display or label for the product in the store. Through the direct customer address with personalised mailings, there is no longer a separation between web and print. Product information from novomind iPIM can be used anywhere and supports omni-channel commerce.