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20 May 2014

novomind iPOEM V2.0 – new Web interface, features and integration: and

Following the release and roll-out of the new version of our marketplace middleware novomind iPOEM, last year, the new novomind iPOEM Cockpit Version 2.0 user interface is now also available to our marketplace customers. The completely new Web interface development focuses on the transparency and self-service of the B2C marketplace integration of the brands and retailers.

The online status of all the products in the integrated marketplaces such as e.g. OTTO, eBay, Zalando, Amazon or Rakuten is now shown simply and clearly on the novomind iPOEM dashboard. Any cases requiring clarification can thus be analysed and resolved efficiently per marketplace.

The presentation of so-called marketplace feedbacks, the individual digital response of the marketplace to the product data listing, is a further highlight. Manufacturers of branded products and retailers who regard marketplace business as an important, strategic mainstay of their multi-channel model can greatly benefit from novomind iPOEM because of the complete automation of all the processes and now also the new user interface. novomind iPOEM is today already one of the leading standard systems for completely automatic marketplace integration and expressly dispenses with any share of turnover with the result that retailers benefit to 100 percent from the success of the marketplace business.

There is also news from the marketplaces integrated via novomind iPOEM. Following and .at, the Dutch representation is now also available to our customers. In addition, the first novomind iPOEM customer was integrated in the new open commerce platform (formerly project  Collins, a company in the Otto Group managed by Benjamin Otto and Tarek Müller).