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12 Jan 2016

novomind iPIM: new module optimises import of product data

Modern web-based onboarding module ensures safe importing extensive vendor data in novomind iPIM.

With novomind iPORT a new module is being launched on the market which optimises the onboarding of product data with novomind iPIM. The modern, web-based onboarding module ensures that extensive supplier data is imported safely into novomind iPIM. One of the pilot customers for the new module includes HolzLand, the leading specialist for mid-sized wood retailers and the wood industry. Its experiences and suggestions led to a practice orientated software with considerable market coverage and a high degree of functionality.

novomind iPORT is easy to use and is via a responsive web client. The use of the module saves a great deal of time in importing and solves difficulties which can occur when suppliers have structured their data differently and supply this in different formats. With the responsive web client it is also possible to check the data quality and optimise this through automated rules which can be configured. After extensive supplier catalogues have been uploaded into novomind iPORT, buying is able to easily determine which data should be imported into novomind iPIM. Suppliers will soon also be able to import and update their data directly into novomind iPORT.

The upstream incorporation of the new product novomind iPORT ahead of novomind iPIM, ensures that data suppliers will only be able to import correct information in the product information system in the future.