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29 Nov 2017

novomind iPIM now even more individual: flexible PIM apps for BRAX and myToys

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At novomind, customer proximity is a high priority in all business areas, when it comes to new ideas and products. From now on novomind iPIM can also be used even more individually: the platform for all commerce PIM scenarios now offers the option to quickly and easily implement specific new requirements by means of smart web apps.

The first two web apps come from the fashion sector and the toy/children's world. Special applications were developed for the fashion brand BRAX and the online retailer myToys, which represent specific requirement profiles.

BRAX, the long-established brand, works in shop merchandising at the colour level. For this purpose, a simple and efficient maintenance option for placing and sorting shop categories was to be created. This function was carried over to the novomind iPIM standard and now improves the ergonomics of colour sorting maintenance (sorting via drag & drop). It enables the shop manager flexible and subtle intervention into the category structure and targeted prioritisation of the product offering. Thanks to the web app.  

For myToys, the requirements profile consisted of customising the maintenance screen of novomind iPIM. The goal was to display all information at a glance, with the easiest possible maintenance. Copywriters can now simply scan product numbers and receive all available product and article information at a glance. Attributes and texts are efficiently maintained and texts can be automatically created parallel to attributes thanks to a new text generation engine. Everything in a uniform and appealing web app that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the copywriter.
Both apps were developed in close cooperation with the companies. And that was just the beginning – we have many good ideas for other new apps. For you too, if you wish.