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28 Aug 2014

novomind iPIM is now mobile – new “novomind iPIM mobile” hybrid app

Mobile shopping is booming and an increasing number of online shoppers also want to be able to shop whilst on the move.

The mobile trend has also reached the B2B sector and novomind is now making iPIM, the central reference source and hub for all sales oriented product data components, mobile. The new B2B app “novomind iPIM mobile” enables the easy mobile collection of product data and images, for example at exhibitions, product presentations or with suppliers. By means of modern REST integration, all data is synchronised with novomind iPIM where the sampling process begins. The source data is assessed, normalised, enhanced and processed for the respective sales channels.

The data finally ends up on the mobile shopper’s smartphone touchscreen again – but this time in HD quality made by novomind.

“With this first prototypical B2B app we have created a sound framework for a series of further interesting iPIM apps,” said Markus Rohmeyer, Director PIM at novomind.