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19 Jul 2017

novomind iPIM 4.0 – the platform for all commercial PIM scenarios

With the latest 4.0 version, novomind iPIM now offers the complete platform for B2C and B2B omni-channel commerce. novomind iPIM 4.0. provides a high degree of modularity as well as sell and buy side support.

The new version offers several special highlights:

All modules are combined on the central novomind iPIM entry portal – in a clearly designed dashboard with PIM KPIs on standard reports.

The B2B customer and sales portal novomind iPIM Buy enables the search and download of product data.

The novomind iPIM hybrid web app, now offers specialised PIM functions which can be used in the new novomind iPIM 4.0 as well as the classic client environment. Despite progressing standardisation, customer-specific developments in the web front end continuously enable new individualisation.
novomind iPIM Analytics offers an efficient operative reporting tool which enables the visual analysis of the data quality and forwarding of analysis results as lists or pin board notes. Monitoring and optimisation of the data quality is possible thanks to dynamic novomind iPIM work lists. Digital assets can now also be stored theme-based in novomind iPIM.

Data feed-based and individually customised datasheets can be created by means of new export formats such as pdf and Excel. New correction controls and validators in novomind iPIM Supply support the quality optimisation of supplier data.

Furthermore, a rapid search via Elastic Search as well as an extensive expansion of the product search are now also possible. In addition, novomind iPIM supports online documentation in novomind iPIM as well as in all modules.