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16 Jun 2014

novomind iCLAIM, a modern complaint management software solution, puts the customer centre-stage

Fast and satisfactory complaint management taking into account the customer’s preferred contact channel continues to gain importance in many companies.

The novomind iCLAIM complaint management module simplifies and improves processes.

Cross-channel, resolution-driven customer service is a must in today’s marketplace but reality still looks different at many companies
novomind iCLAIM is a complaint handling software for effective, transparent and flexible complaint management. The module can be used to support agents in call centres or employees in legal departments by simplifying and improving the processes involved in complaint handling.

Today’s customers are increasingly well informed about their rights as consumers and have consequently become more demanding. Unsatisfied customers are nowadays clearly more likely to actually complain. Add to this the fact that they can now criticise the manufacturer or service provider “in front of the whole world”. Customers now share their experiences not only with friends and colleagues. Their opinions - be they negative or positive - spread throughout the world wide web at extreme speeds mainly through social media, a phenomenon which has already cost many companies dearly. “This has heightened the importance of professional complaint handling. Experience shows that the tourism sector as well as the telecommunications, insurance and financial services industries are particularly prone to receiving complaints,” says Sylvia Feja who is in charge of e-communications at novomind.

Many companies stick to organising complaint management internally, resulting in a high degree of manual effort. Practical experience also shows that the lack of professional complaint management tools means that many complaints take long to handle and fail to address the customer’s needs. This kind of low-quality complaint handling often leads to customers defecting for good. “A complaint in itself is not a reason for a customer relationship to be terminated. In fact, fast and cost-efficient complaint management can even lead to customer loyalty being strengthened as customers feel that they are being taken seriously,” says Sylvia Feja.

Function-packed solution with excellent usability: novomind iCLAIM
novomind iCLAIM, an intuitively operated solution from novomind, comprises the planning, implementation and control of all measures related to customer complaints - from accepting a complaint to reporting, from communication to monitoring and final settlement. novomind iCLAIM also makes available a fully fledged response management software covering all workflow operations for customer service departments. To ensure optimum communication with customers, agents have access to internal queries, escalation mechanisms and other relevant processes. In addition, this response management software pools all information and data relevant to a given complaint in a single system. This set-up provides optimum support for employees in complaint handling and response management.

novomind iCLAIM is part of novomind iAGENT, a web-based communications solution which integrates all contact channels - including e-mail, fax, letter, chat, phone and social media - in a central user interface. This gives service centres a central system for cross-channel, resolution-driven customer service including a 360-degree customer view. In addition to the unified communication component, novomind iCLAIM offers flexible interfaces to peripheral systems, thereby speeding up research by complaint handlers - long response times are now a thing of the past.

novomind AG:
novomind AG currently serves more than 80 companies, including Targobank, Der Club Bertelsmann, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Ernsting’s family, EnBW, OTTO, QVC und Sixt. In September 2013, the novomind management team won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Every year, renowned auditing and consulting firm Ernst & Young awards the title to honour outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in the SME sector.