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03 Jul 2018

novomind iAGENT roadmap: User Group event in June places focus on the customer

Good customer service can be quite a challenge. Customers send e-mails, call on the phone or use social networks and messaging services – in other words, they use all the channels available to get in touch with a company. novomind iAGENT is a user-friendly communication platform designed for fast, effective and reliable response. The aim is to become better all the time and to use the User Groups to involve customers in the development processes. The most recent example: The novomind iAGENT User Group event organized at Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg on 7 June was again a big success, leaving all participants clearly satisfied.

Besides the presentation of the latest release highlights, a focus was placed on the new concept of novomind iAGENT Call. Topics such as call integration versus call interface, special messaging challenges, the new composer but also minor topics such as agents proposing text templates were presented and discussed by the participants. The User Group event clearly showed that the target-oriented and results-driven dialog between developers and users takes top priority.

This dialog also dominated the novomind iAGENT roadmap discussion: Where are we heading in terms of messengers, chat workflows or design? Who prioritizes what and why? What are the key topics customers are interested in?

Two things are for certain: The first results will be presented already at the annual novoinsight conference – and, as always, they will be clearly customer-focused.