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24 Jul 2017

novomind develops an indoor navigation app together with MediaMarktSaturn for the MediaMarkt store in Eindhoven

Media Markt Indoor Navigation APP

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MediaMarktSaturn and novomind developed an indoor navigation app to make it easier for the customers to find their way through the store. The user can download the app for iOS or Android to easily navigate through the sales area with the help of their smartphone. The Store Guide app offers location based services to guide the customers to the desired product or to offer special promotions for the new MediaMarkt which opened end of April 2017 in Eindhoven. The data protection is guaranteed since no personal data is collected.

At the base is a new defined LED lighting system called Philips Indoor positioning which acts as an indoor GPS. Through Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology in the luminaires, which is detected by the front-camera lens of a smartphone, it guides shoppers to a product. And it’s hyper-accurate, up to 30 centimeters.The US Company Aisle411 was in charge of the digital map and the route guidance. The Swedish company for electronic shelf labels “Pricer” delivered the infrared (IR) system to determine the product location.

novomind combined all the technology features and additional information in an app. The app doesn’t only help with the product finding in the store, but also helps with product details, current promotions in store or links directly to the online shop.