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04 Dec 2018

New BRAX B2B shop uses novomind iPIM

B2B World is an important cornerstone of Leineweber’s digitization strategy

BRAX B2B Shop novomind iPIM

Fashion company BRAX continues to develop and refine its digitization strategy and is setting new standards in the fashion industry with its new “BRAX B2B World”, a smart and innovative B2B shop for top-up orders, product information, images, videos and web content. novomind iPIM is used to manage the underlying product information.

The new “BRAX B2B World” replaces the existing B2B shop, with novomind iPIM used instead of the company’s old PIM system. The company’s B2C shop has run on the novomind system since 2017 – a great advantage in terms of synergies, e.g. with regard to the supply and maintenance of product information and the creation of product texts.

The “BRAX B2B World” is intuitive to use and offers some compelling new features, such as a scan function via novomind app (for iOS and Android). The latter makes it easy to place top-up orders, as all you need to do is scan the label and order the right product on the product details page. Moreover, the improved filter function facilitates and speeds up the search for the right articles in the shop.

Some 1,000 retailers are already active users but the company aims to connect all 4,000 or so BRAX partners to the BRAX B2B World, which is currently available 24/7 in four languages (English, German, French and Dutch) and 70 countries.