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19 Jul 2017

New novomind iSHOP version with optimised functions

The latest version of novomind iSHOP offers a whole series of benefits:

Thanks to the HTTP/2 integration, the novomind iSHOP jubilee release 30 now enables even better website performance which also has a positive effect on SEO. There are also many new functions. Various benefits e.g. free delivery, discounts, special price items or extra items can now be combined as required. Furthermore, the benefits can also be entered with their own heading and picture.
The new preview function shows the shop manager what content is being displayed in the front end which, in turn, simplifies themed marketing planning.

The search function also has new features: umlauts (German mutated vowels) are, for example, now better supported which is advantageous particularly for international shops. It is now possible to find search words with and without umlauts in the product data.

In A/B tests, further KPIs such as the average shopping basket value, total value of basket or average number of items in the basket are now displayed in the back office which simplifies the evaluation of the A/B tests directly in the back office.

However, it is not only the individual functions but also the usability which has been optimised. Online shop updating is now easier for shop managers thanks to a comprehensive clipboard as well as cross-session and cross-workplace working. Time consuming content amendments can, therefore, now be made later on.

Thanks to the “face lift” and the usability update the use of the back office of the novomind iSHOP jubilee version has been made easier for users.