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20 Mar 2014

New FAQ Center solution with novomind iQ+

novomind iQ+ is the logical further development of our FAQ Center solution with simple integration into existing websites and online shops. The FAQ Center can be positioned in front of selected pages or also on the entire website. For optimal usability, an Auto-Suggest function is now available, and the customers can provide feedback to the answers through a feedback function, which can then be used to improve the answering behavior.

Should the customer nonetheless not find a suitable answer, novomind iQ+ recognizes this fully automatically and in a defined process sequence, can offer the customer alternatives such as a live chat, a callback or a reply by email. novomind iQ+ thus integrates optimally into the novomind iAGENT.

In order to be able to access all existing documents, like for example PDFs, website content or also YouTube videos, these can be integrated into the answers in novomind iQ+ and are thus available in their latest versions for the answering of customer queries. It is of course not necessary to maintain the files twice. novomind iQ+ also ensures that all queries and answers are visible for Google and other search engines, so customers can find their answers directly in Google.

Existing novomind iQ customers will be provided with the new program version free under the terms of their service contracts. If you are interested, please contact us.